From Hobby to Career

Ah Yat, Mark – Members of “We are Top Crew”
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Ah Yat, also named DB Pasta (DB stands for drum and bass), aged 19, started mixing electronic music about a year ago. He has performed in public about 20 to 30 times since. (left in the photo)

Mark, also named bboy Nevermine, aged 22, has taken part in more than 100 street dance performances since he was first charmed by the dance moves when he was 12. (right in the photo)

Trained by the Link Together Initiatives-funded youth development programme “We are Top Crew”, these two young men recently secured jobs with event production houses, specialising in managing stage production, lighting and sound. They were hand-picked by mentors during event production and multimedia workshops under the programme.

Ah Yat and Mark are passionate, talented and dedicated when it comes to their hobbies. The guidance and occupational training provided by “We are Top Crew” has given them the tools they need to turn their hobbies into sustainable careers.

“Having danced for so many years, I wouldn’t want to give it up easily,” said Mark. “Now I’m trying to transition from being strictly a performer to an organiser for, say, dancing competitions. Realising this transition would make dancing sustainable for me.”

“In the long term, I hope to enter into the international arena of DJing,” said Ah Yat. “In the short term, it’d be nice if I could have more jobs to afford my own studio and personal expenses. I also hope to be able to pass my skills onto younger ‘Crew’ members.”
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