Leading the Way

Koo Lai – Guide dog user
Target Beneficiaries
As soon as she showed up, she attracted a lot of attention from her fans.

Say hello to Pudding, a guide dog best known for her leading role in the movie “Little Q”. When she visited Lok Fu Place, Pudding was accompanied by her “mother”, Koo Lai (the guide dog user). Even though Koo Lai couldn’t see things clearly, with Pudding’s assistance, she was able to cross roads, take escalators, look for service desks and reach her destination without a hitch.

Pudding was bred by the Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association (HKGDA) in 2017, along with 18 guide dogs, as part of the guide breeding and education programme funded by Link Together Initiatives. This development programme is designed to benefit and raise awareness of visually impaired persons in Hong Kong.

Pudding is a great example of the success of this programme. She helps Koo Lai integrate into the community. “I used to have low self-esteem and didn’t even want to use a white cane. I was worried about what others think of me because I am visually impaired.” When Koo Lai shops with Pudding by her side, more people come to chat with her. "Pudding has allowed me to integrate into the community with dignity. Now I feel so much happier."

After years of public education, public are supportive to the development of guide dog services in Hong Kong. “I can feel the public recognition for Pudding and I’m really proud of it.”
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