To celebrate our 15th anniversary, Link looks back on how we’ve worked with and grown with the community.


Each year, 190 local students who are the first in their families to study in universities receive scholarships from Link. The scholarships promote upward mobility and rewards gifted students from any discipline.



Since 2011, Link has pioneered e-payment systems in fresh markets across its portfolio. E-payments allow for cleaner transactions and has helped to prevent the transmission of viruses via coins and bank notes.



We are installing solar power systems at 28 properties across the territory. Equalling approximately 1.3 million kWh per year of electricity - equivalent to almost 300 households’ annual electricity consumption.



85% of our assets in Hong Kong have been enhanced over the past decade. They are the result of a holistic approach to improving retail environments to keep up with changing consumer needs.



In 2016, we became the first Hong Kong listed enterprise to issue green bonds. We are HK’s champion of green finance, evidenced by our inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, FTSE4Good and United Nations Global Compact.



Surplus food equivalent to the weight of 17 giant pandas is being saved every day. With Link’s partnership, Food Angel produces hot meals and food packs using surplus food collected from our fresh markets.


To celebrate our 15th anniversary, Link looks back on how we’ve worked with and grown with the community.


To mark the 15th anniversary of the listing of Link REIT in Hong Kong, a lighting ceremony was held at The Quayside, Link’s headquarters, where the Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan delivered virtual officiating remarks and the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission Chairman Tim Lui gave an opening address. The lighting ceremony was officiated by Link Chairman Nicholas Allen and Chief Executive Officer George Hongchoy and Mr Lui. The ceremony was a hybrid one, with the majority of guests joining virtually. Read more.


Messages from Guests

"Many Congratulations 👏🏻 Looking forward to growing even brighter with you over the years ahead. All the best always!" ---- Deborah Leerhsen HSBC



東驥基金管理有限公司" ---- Paul Pong

"Warmest congratulations on Link’s 15th Anniversary!" ---- Paul Chow

"Happy 15th Anniversary! " ---- Kenny Gaw

"Congratulations to LINK for their valued contributions to our whole HK community. Wish LINK be more brighter and successful in coming 20 years " ---- Kelvin Poon (Honeywell HK Company)

"Happy 15th Anniversary. Let's all work together to make Hong Kong, our home, a better and happier place." ---- Richard Yeung

"Congratulations on reaching another important milestone. So happy for you and keep it up. My warmest regards, Anthony Chow " ---- Anthony Chow

"Happy Birthday to the 15th Anniversary. Have a great one and continue to be the best retail-focus REIT in the world! " ---- Ronald Wong

"Congratulations. 15 years of success and value created to society. Surely many more years to come. " ---- Andy Ng

"Congratulations! 🥂🎉🎊Well done and look forward to your services offering to the ageing population 😊❤️" ---- B Lo

"Congratulations to all who have contributed to the 15 years!" ---- Teresa Ma

"15歲的青年人,奔跑吧!生日快樂!" ---- Lorraine

"Witnessing the success over the years... we all appreciate & value the excellence & team work displayed by all Linkers! Let’s continue the journey of success !" ---- Myron

"Happy Birthday! Honored to be part of this warm family!" ---- Elaine Yeung

"Happy Anniversary !" ---- Frankie Lee

"Happy 15th Anniversary! " ---- Linker

"Happy 15th anniversary to Link" ---- Sunny JGIHK

"Happy Birthday to Link !" ---- Brandon Chow

"Happy 15th Anniversary!!!" ---- Hannah Chan

"Happy 15th anniversary!! 🎉🎉" ---- Daniel Leung

"Congratulations! Let's continue to do goods to the community together." ---- Raymond Cheung

"Big congratulations for the 15th years anniversary." ---- Peter Yuen

"Congratulations!" ---- KK So

"Congrats :D" ---- Yuki Yung

"Happy 15th Anniversary!" ---- Rachel

"Heartiest congratulations on great achievements over the last 15 years!" ---- Bill Chan

"Huge congratulations, keep moving forward to a brighter future. ." ---- Chris Kyme.

"Happy 15th birthday! " ---- Wincy WS Kwan

"Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing new height of LINK." ---- Percy Chan

"Happy Birthday" ---- Sam

"happy 15th anniversary" ---- sam sam

"Happy 15th anniversary!!" ---- Panda Poon

"Happy Birthday :)" ---- Anita

"Congratulations!" ---- Katherine Tong

"Congratulations! Even brighter future for the next 15 years!" ---- Flora Chow

"Congratulations to Link's 15th Anniversary" ---- HP Suen

"Happy Birthday to Link! 🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉" ---- Juliana

"Happy 15th anniversary!" ---- Astor Wong

"Congratulations !" ---- Shirley Lim

"Congratulations!!!" ---- Raymond Lam CLP

"Happy 15th anniversary." ---- Chris Chan

"Congrats on your 15th anniversary and more to come!" ---- Dean Wu

"Congratulation !" ---- Alex Lo

"Proud of all Linkers!" ---- Phillip

"Congratulations to everyone at Link for its 15th Anniversary!" ---- Richard Tsang

"祝领展15周年生日快乐!" ---- Philip RJ Chen

"祝贺" ---- Tim Wang

"Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary. Wishing you many more years of success !" ---- Jennifer Lee

"Congratulation🎉🎉🎉" ---- Sanly Ho

"Happy 15th anniversary!!" ---- Florence Leung

"Congratulations!" ---- Yin

"Hearty congratulations ! " ---- Walter Cheung

"生日快乐" ---- krysral

"Happy 15th Anniversary Link REIT! " ---- Gary Wong

"Congratulation on 15th Anniversary of your company" ---- Joe Ng

"Happy 15th birthday! Many mores to come" ---- Winsome Leung

"Link people to a brighter future!" ---- Linkers

"Happy 15 Anniversary :) yeah!! " ---- Ronald Law

"Happy 15th Anniversary !" ---- Elaine

"Happy Anniversary!" ---- Arys

"Happy 15 Anniversary " ---- Patrick Chan

"Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations for 15A.........💐🎊🎉🎂🍾🍻🍷🥃" ---- Nick Yiu

"Happy 15th anniversary!" ---- Leo Leung

"Happy birthday!!!! Link!!!" ---- Wesley

"Happy Birthday to U, Link!!! 😊😊" ---- Eric


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