Offering More Choices at Your Doorsteps

Our asset enhancements are the result of a holistic approach to improving retail environments to keep up with changing consumer needs. 

More cuisines from around the world, from Chinese dim sum, authentic Japanese noodle, sushi, satay to pad thai, are now available in your neighbourhood.  

We link people to a brighter future by offering more choices at their doorsteps. 

A holistic view of Link’s trade mix is central to our asset enhancement approach. In recognising that consumers’ demands, and trends change over time, we need to be adaptable by responding quickly to consumer desire. 

The recent demand for more diverse food and beverage offerings, has seen our tenant strategy shift to include more cuisines from around the world. 

Our malls and fresh markets have integrated this demand for more food and beverage outlets at our properties, reflecting the trend towards providing more choice in cuisine within the retail landscape. With an enormous range of snacks and cuisines on offer - from authentic Japanese noodle bars to a luncheon meat station where customers can customise their own sausage and luncheon meat; to live seafood counters that will cook a whole Alaskan crab to your choosing – there’s literally something for everyone. 

We recognise the need to move with the times to give customers what they want in a variety of different ways. It is this focus on delivering freshness, choice and affordability that make our retail spaces so vibrant.

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, Link looks back on how we’ve worked with and grown with the community.

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