07 Aug 2013

2013 Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme

To give more people the opportunity to enjoy outstanding performances by local art groups, The Link REIT ("The Link") has been sponsoring the 2013 Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme in partnership with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). Music, dance, drama and other arts programmes are held at over 70 venues free of charge to the public.
Since March, several local arts groups have performed at different shopping centres of The Link and, by the end of this year, more than 70 performances will have been held. Most of the performances allow for audience participation, and some have included educational content to deepen the public's understanding of art.
From August to November, The Link shopping centres will host DanceArt Hong Kong, FM Theatre Power, We Draman Group, and Stephen Shin, Ray Kwok, Pewan Chow, Alex Tam, Paul Lin.
Other participating groups will include the Connie Ng Guzheng Ensemble, Wong Fai Puppet and Shadow Art, Windpipe Chinese Musical Ensemble, and Asian People’s Theatre Festival Society. A total of more than 30 performances will be staged by these groups for the general public.
The Link promotes development of the arts through its properties
Each year, LCSD’s Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme invites local arts groups to participate in community performances that enhance public interest in the arts. With properties located throughout Hong Kong, The Link will be promoting the Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme by providing free venues and more opportunities for arts groups to perform.
Please refer to the attachment for more information on the Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme and the schedule of performances.

Attachment: 2013 Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme – The Link Series - Programme Schedule (Aug – Nov)

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