26 Jun 2013

“30-Hour Low Carbon Campaign” environmental marathon event launches

The Link has joined hands with Commercial Radio to launch Hong Kong’s first “30-Hour Low Carbon Campaign”. Members of the public are invited to participate in “Low Carbon Teams” and complete a series of low carbon missions in shopping centres of The Link across Hong Kong within 30 hours. The campaign is designed to raise community awareness of the benefits of a greener and low-carbon lifestyle.
Hong Kong's first 30-hour environmental marathon event

The official launch of the campaign took place today (26 June) at Lok Fu Plaza with George Hongchoy, Chief Executive Officer of The Link, Hilda Wong, Head of Marketing of The Link, Stephen Chan Chi Wan, Chief Executive Officer of Commercial Radio, Rita Chan, General Manager of Commercial Radio, and Dr William Yu, Chief Executive Officer of World Green Organisation as officiating guests. Also in attendance were low carbon champions Ivana Wong, C All Star, as well as Kevin Hui & Cher Hung from Commercial Radio 1, and Donald Tong & Maria Tang from Commercial Radio 2.

Recently, The Link has been included in the highly regarded FTSE4Good Index Series, confirming The Link’s compliance with internationally recognised social responsibility standards. At today's launch, George Hongchoy, CEO of The Link, shared The Link’s achievements in conserving energy and lowering its carbon emissions during its business operation process. These measures include:

 - In financial year 2012-13, The Link invested over HK$140 million in energy saving initiatives at its shopping malls including chiller replacement programme, lighting improvement programme and other improvement programmes that saved about 17 million kWh of electricity, which amounts to a decrease of approximately 12,653 tons of greenhouse gas emissions;
 - A 8.2% decrease in water consumption in the financial year 2012-13 as compared with the previous financial year, achieved by higher-efficiency water management; 
 - The Link practices good solid waste management, including point-to-point waste collection services for most of its tenants in shopping centres, and in the future will expand recycling collection points for paper, plastic, metal, batteries, and clothes at more of its properties;
 - In financial year 2012-13, The Link invested more than HK$7.5 million in conservation and reforestation. The Link has a dedicated Slope and Tree Management Team to take care of nearly 40 slopes, 5,840 trees and 956,000 square feet of landscaped area;
 - In 10 of its car parks, The Link now has a total of 55 electric car charging bays to encourage the use of more environmentally-friendly electric cars.

Mr Hongchoy said, “To set a clear target for sustainable development, we have embarked on a ‘20/20 Vision’, which aims to reduce our annual energy consumption by 20% from 2010 levels by 2020. This commitment follows industry best practices by establishing a clear target to assess how we minimise our operations’ impact on the environment.

“The Link has always committed to the sustainable development of community and developed a set of sustainability strategies. Firstly, adding green concept in property design by creating green roofs at Stanley Plaza, Tai Yuen Market and Oi Man Market for rooftop planting, in which Stanley Plaza achieved the Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method (“BEAM”) Platinum Standard and Tai Yuen Market was awarded a Citation in Commercial Architecture as part of the BCI Asia FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2012. Further, The Link utilises our network to promote green living, becoming the first biker’s pit-stop network in Hong Kong to launch the ‘Bike and Bike Tool Lending Services’ covering 25 malls. In collaboration with different green organisations, The Link participated in a series of recycling initiatives. The Link has joined with Commercial Radio to launch the ‘30-Hour Low Carbon Campaign’ for the first time this year. We hope that by means of personally experiencing a low-carbon life, participants will further promote low-carbon and low-waste ideas and work hard for sustainable development of community."

Stephen Chan Chi Wan, Chief Executive Officer of Commercial Radio, said, "Commercial Radio is devoted to commit social responsibility. Through channeling on air, we hope to educate the public to cherish our natural resources and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, and ultimately establish a low carbon living style. Embracing the same belief with The Link towards the construction of a low carbon Hong Kong, we are grateful to join hands with The Link in hosting the ‘30-Hour Low Carbon Campaign’, together with the professional advices from World Green Organisation. We hope all the participants would enjoy the brand new experience of an energy saving life and become pioneers to promote low carbon living style. Let’s fight for a Green Hong Kong together!”

Dr William Yu, Chief Executive Officer of World Green Organisation, said, "We are pleased to be the partner of this campaign. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will soon release a report projecting that due to climate change, there will be an increase in extreme weather, global temperatures will rise faster than predicted, glacial melting will increase, and sea levels will rise more rapidly, increasing the risk of flooding in low-lying regions. We hope that participants in this 30 hours-long activity will learn how to live a low-carbon life and will inspire their friends and family. As part of the global village, Hong Kong residents should be personally involved in reducing carbon emissions to attenuate the effects of climate change."

Three "Low Carbon Teams" to win a "Low Carbon Journey"

Participation in “Low Carbon Teams” during the “30-Hour Low Carbon Campaign” is open to the public. During the 30-hour “Low Carbon Competition” from 17 to 18 August, teams will travel to different shopping centres of The Link across Hong Kong and complete a series of low carbon tasks, such as collecting recycled materials and generating electricity by riding a bicycle. Three winning teams will have the opportunity to participate in a “Low Carbon Journey”, learning and practicing new low carbon ideas and methods in advanced environmental friendly countries. The “30-Hour Low Carbon Campaign” will also feature green festival booths, workshops, upcycling exhibitions and a mini concert.

For more information and registration in the “30-Hour Low Carbon Campaign”, please refer to the radio announcement and online promotion from 2 July onwards or browse www.881903.com or www.thelink.com.hk



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