03 May 2012

A New Era in Fresh Markets begins with Tai Yuen Market

To celebrate the completion of its pilot project for enhancing fresh markets, The Link held a grand opening ceremony today (3 May) at Tai Yuen Market. Officiating guests included Nicholas Sallnow-Smith, Chairman of The Link, George Hongchoy, Chief Executive Officer, Andy Cheung, Chief Financial Officer, Sunny Cheung, Chief Executive Officer of Octopus Cards Ltd and Chu Chun Po, Chairman of the Tai Yuen Market Merchant Association. Together with the tenants of Tai Yuen Market, they marked this important milestone in the development of the market.
Tai Yuen Market has been serving the daily needs of residents in Tai Po District for over 30 years. To bring the market into the modern era and create a better business environment for tenants, The Link started an enhancement project worth $95 million for this property in 2010. The Link invited British architects to redesign the layout of the market by making reference to the design and operation of overseas fresh markets. The new market layout is more open, visible and tidy. It also has a more diversified trade mix of old and new tenants designed to attract more customers, especially the younger generation.
Nicholas Sallnow-Smith, Chairman of The Link, said that Tai Yuen Market is a showcase for how a modern fresh market should look, feel and operate. “I’m glad to see not only old tenants still running their businesses here, but also a second generation taking up business from their parents. I believe our partnership will continue to thrive and create even stronger ties between us.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all the stall tenants of Tai Yuen Market,” Mr Sallnow-Smith added. “The success of our revitalisation project at Tai Yuen would not have been possible without your full support and understanding during the long period of works. We have learned a great deal from our experience here. This will help us when we enhance the other fresh markets in our portfolio in the years ahead.” 

As part of the revitalisation of Tai Yuen Market, The Link has published the New Generation of Market: Tai Yuen Market. The book examines the origin and development of fresh markets in Hong Kong, as well as the innovative design for Tai Yuen Market. Several tenants were interviewed to share their stories for the book.

New initiatives at Tai Yuen Market include the first cooking studio in a fresh market, where a renowned chef will teach residents cooking tips.  There is also an organic garden on the rooftop of the market, which makes use of the food waste collected in the market to produce organic fertiliser. Vegetables from the garden will be used as ingredients in the cooking studio in keeping with its concept of self-sustainability. Another new feature in the market is the Octopus electronic payment system, which is helping to broaden the customer base by making payments for transactions more convenient. All of these enhancement initiatives have helped increase the competitiveness of tenants while creating a better shopping experience for customers. Tai Yuen Market has also won the Environment Excellence Award of the Asian CSR Awards 2011, organised by the Asian Institute of Management.

The Link will continue to improve and inject more energy into its traditional fresh markets through other upcoming enhancement projects.
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