30 Jul 2012

BFA Facilities Upgrade for 5th Batch of Properties

The Link Management Limited ("The Link") is pleased to announce a list of 9 properties at where upgrading of the barrier free access (BFA) facilities will be commenced in the coming six months.  They are:
New Territories

Yan Shing Court RC & CP, Yung Shing Court, Shek Yam SC, Ka Tin Court CP,
Ming Tak SC, Ying Ming Court CP

Kowloon Ying Fuk Court RC & CP, Hung Hom RC & CP, Hoi Fu SC
Note: SC - Shopping Centre; CC - Commercial Complex; CP - Car Park
The Link adopts the Best Practicable Principle based on the standards set out in the Buildings Department’s “Design Manual: Barrier Free Access 2008” and other associated requirements in building BFA facilities. Eight major BFA facilities will be upgraded or added including tactile guide path and warning strips, low platform service counter, accessible toilet, Braille layout map, visual fire alarm, accessible parking bays, ramp and accessible lift with audio / visual functions.

In case if there are physical constraints or any timely procedural required on site causing some of the above major BFA items cannot be installed in a short period of time, the properties have been grouped under the “List of Properties with Basic BFA Facilities Completed” for public information (Attachment 1).
The enclosed Progress Report also updates BFA works in all properties which has commenced the BFA works (Attachment 2).
We have already kicked start a total of 73 properties in five batches since our announcement of the Total Improvement of BFA Upgrades Programme early last year, in which 23 properties have completed the basic BFA upgrades according to the Best Practicable Principle.
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