12 Nov 2015

‘Christmas Chill Out’ exercises help Hong Kongers reduce stress

A recent public survey conducted in Hong Kong using on-the-street interviews revealed that Hong Kong people’s stress levels are on the high side at 6 and above (with 10 being the highest).  To bring awareness to this issue and help improve our city’s overall mental health, Link will launch the ‘Christmas Chill Out’ on 15 November 2015 at Link’s four major shopping centres -- Temple Mall, Lok Fu Plaza, H.A.N.D.S and Chung Fu Plaza. Link also invites the playful cartoon character, Tuzki, to bring laughter and share a light-hearted Christmas spirit with the community.
Specialist urges Hong Kong people to reduce stress with festive season exercise
The survey also revealed that when stressed, more than 41.2 percent of respondents ‘do nothing to reduce it’. Dr. K.L. Au Yeung, Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation and Mental Health Foundation’s representative specialist in psychiatry, who was responsible for analysing the data from this survey, urged people to tackle these issues and find ways to cope and reduce stress. He announced that  “A significant number of people underestimate the importance of reducing stress. But, by doing simple things such as exercising or talking to a trusted person can help lift one’s mood”.
For this unique programme, Link has designed Christmas decorations and, in collaboration with Dr Au Yeuang, developed a series of games around four key stress management techniques: ‘Release Energy’, ‘Show Love and Concern’, ‘Express Emotions’ and ‘Speak Your Heart’.
The theme of the game at Temple Mall is ‘Release Energy’. The fun exercises at the ‘Dance Dance Revolution’, ‘Hammer Game’ and ‘Happiness Challenge’ stations, help release endorphins, the happiness hormone, leading to a more relaxed state. At Lok Fu Plaza, music and games create the joy of laughter and help people ‘Show Love and Concern’. At H.A.N.D.S., ‘Express Emotion’ encourages people to visualise themselves through photography, while visitors to Lok Fu Plaza can personally talk to Tuzki and ‘Speak Your Heart’.
All activities are open to the public at no cost. For event details, please visit LinkHK.com. Please refer to Appendix 1 for details of the ‘Survey on Hong Kong People’s Stress Levels 2015’.


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