19 Feb 2013

CNY Celebration cum Oi Man Plaza Grand Opening

The Link Management Limited (The Link) organized “The Link Chinese New Year Celebration cum Oi Man Plaza Grand Opening” at Oi Man Plaza on 19 February, celebrating the New Year with our tenants and wishing them good fortune in the coming year.
The celebration and opening was officiated by Mr. George HONGCHOY, Executive Director and CEO of The Link, Mr. Andy CHEUNG, Executive Director and CFO of The Link, Master Alion Yeo, a renowned fortune teller, and representatives of tenants’ associations, including Ms Grace Chan, Chairperson of Oi Man Plaza Mutual Aid Committee, Oi Man Estate, Mr Lau Tak Cheung, Chairman of Sha Kok Estate Merchant Association, Mr Li Kam Yuen, Chairman of Cheung Fat Estate Merchant Association, Mr. Chan Hon Ming, Chairman of Tak Tin and Kai Tin Merchants' Association and Mr Chan Wing Shing, Chairman of Hong Kong Public Housing Estate Shop-Operators Union. All the guests presided over a special opening ceremony, which was followed by a Year of the Snake fortune sharing by Master Alion Yeo. 
After the opening ceremony, The Link invited guests to visit the “Forty Years of Oi Man” Wall of Fame to commemorate the history of the Oi Man Plaza and Market and mark its recent makeover. Hundreds of representatives of tenants’ associations as well as The Link’s tenants were invited to lunch at the newly built bowling centre to thank for their support of The Link and the provision of quality shopping experience to customers.
Oi Man Plaza was established almost 40 years ago with different milestones. “Forty Years of Oi Man” Wall of Fame, thus, has been set-up in purpose of sharing its stories and changes, including the precious photo captured during the visit of Queen Elizabeth II for the grand opening in May 1975. With such remarkable incident, model costumed in Queen Elizabeth II has appeared in the ceremony for history sharing, letting the guests to have a better understanding of Oi Man Plaza.   
Oi Man Plaza was established almost 40 years ago, and its opening ceremony in 1975 was hosted by Queen Elizabeth II during her first visit to Hong Kong. Therefore, The Link invited “The Queen” to Oi Man Plaza again following this recent enhancement project to witness the new, modern shopping experience in Oi Man Plaza alongside residents.
Mr. George HONGCHOY, Executive Director and CEO of The Link, said, “Oi Man Plaza has been serving the local community for almost 40 years. This HK$116 million enhancement project has repositioned the plaza as a leisure and shopping destination for people in Kowloon City. Through a comprehensive enhancement of the facilities in the shopping centre, car park and market – which included enriching the trade mix, building a large-scale bowling centre, and introducing a European-style fresh market – we hope the brand new shopping environment and facilities can bring a fresh look and customer centric shopping experience to the local community. Furthermore, it will at the same time create an improved business environment to our tenants. With such, I wish them all good fortune in the Year of Snake!”
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