18 Aug 2011

Commendation for Source Seperation of Commercial and Industrial Waste for Link's Properties

Environmental recycling requires the participation of various industries, including the retail sector. Shopping centres of The Link REIT (“The Link”), being focal points of the community, have introduced a variety of environmental measures to support sustainable development.  To facilitate more effective waste separation by the community, last year The Link joined the Program on Source Separation of Commercial and Industrial Waste organised by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD). Waste separation recycling bins have been placed at 10 shopping centres of The Link to promote the green message of waste collection and recycling.  In the first quarter of 2011, a total of 66,000kg of waste paper, 227kg of plastic and 128kg of aluminium were collected at these shopping centres.  In recognition of the good response, the following shopping centres were presented with commendation certificates by the EPD:
Fu Shin Shopping Centre、Tsui Ping (North) Shopping Circuit、Fung Tak Shopping Centre、On Ting Shopping Centre、Kai Tin Shopping Centre、Yu Chui Shopping Centre、Lei Yue Mun Plaza、Cheung Fat Plaza、Tak Tin Plaza、Oi Man Shopping Centre
Ms Irene Fisher, Head of Property Management of The Link Management Limited, said, “The services provided by The Link are closely tied with the life of the community and inspire green living. Placing recycling bins at our shopping centres provides a good platform for the public to support waste recycling and reuse, as well as developing the habit of green living. We are very glad to be awarded the commendation certificates.  Apart from adopting measures for energy-saving and waste reduction, The Link has also been co-organising activities with green groups and promoting the 4Rs of Reduce, Replace, Reuse and Recycle.
The Link endeavours to optimise its shopping environments.  For our upcoming asset enhancement projects, more open public spaces and green rooftops are planned. Furthermore, we will use more recycled construction materials, non-chlorofluorocarbon coolant and energy-saving facilities.
The Program on Source Separation of Commercial and Industrial Waste was launched by the Environmental Protection Department in 2007 to encourage property management companies to take the lead in implementing appropriate waste recycling mechanisms at various industrial and commercial buildings. The scheme also facilitates tenants’ participation in waste separation and recycling. 
Representatives of the awarded shopping centres with Dr Edmond Cheng, President of the Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies.


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