12 May 2014

Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan at Stanley Plaza

On 10 May, Cesar Millan, an internationally reputed “dog whisperer”, visited Stanley Plaza, The Link's first dog-friendly shopping centre, for “Cesar to the Rescue Day at Stanley Plaza”. In front of a large crowd at the event, Millan interacted with and talked to audience members about their beloved canine friends.

Cesar Millan interacted with fans and presented awards to “Dog & Owner Look-alike Contest” winners

Seasoned and famous dog trainer Cesar Millan, host of National Geographic Channel’s “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan”, was invited to come to Stanley Plaza to share tips with fans and audience members on how to communicate well with dogs. Millan also presented awards to winners of the “Dog & Owner Look-alike Contest” and attracted scores of dog lovers who submitted photos showing their resemblance to their dogs. The adorable photos of the finalists were exhibited at “Cesar to the Rescue Day at Stanley Plaza”.

Cesar Millan spread the message of animal welfare with dog adoption service booth

A number of booths were set up at Stanley Plaza’s Amphitheatre, where Treasure Hunt Contests took place alongside Dog Yoga demonstrations that gave owners the chance to learn how to help their dogs ensure a balanced growth of body and mind. In addition, there was a Sketching Corner and a Photo Shooting Corner, where owners had the chance to capture their tail-wagging buddies’ happiest moments.

In addition, since Millan is an advocate of dog adoption, a Dog Adoption Corner was also set up at the venue to promote adoption as opposed to buying puppies, spreading the importance of upholding animal welfare.

Stanley Plaza is The Link’s first dog-friendly shopping centre, and it is equipped with adequate facilities and hosts pet-themed events regularly, making it a favourite among dog lovers. Hilda Wong, Head of Marketing of The Link, said, “The Link has put in lots of effort in creating this free and fun space for dog lovers and their canine friends, which is a rarity in the city. We will continue to hold series of international events and large-scale pet carnivals, in the hope to further promote Stanley Plaza as The Link’s first dog-friendly shopping centre that commits to bring joy to pets and their owners, and spreads the message of caring about pets.”

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