11 Apr 2012

Donation of 100 Recycled Computers for Rehabilitants

To promote environmental protection and recycling, The Link Management Limited (‘The Link’) has once again joined with Caritas Hong Kong to donate 100 recycled computers to Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power and individuals in need. Caritas Hong Kong will distribute the first batch of recycled computers to Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power so that the disabled can study and further their careers. The remaining computers will be distributed to members in need.
The ceremony marking the donation was held on 11 April at the Power Retail Centre, the social enterprise arm of Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power. All of the desktop computers donated by The Link are in good working order.
Caritas Hong Kong will distribute the recycled computers to the logistics support department of the Power Retail Centre, which will use them to carry out market research and data analysis. 
For staff with visual impairments at Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power, The Link has provided specially selected broader wide monitors. Mr Damien Wu, Head of Information Technology of The Link, said, ‘The Link attaches great importance to the sustainable development of the community and strives to provide  an accessible environment for the public. Last year, we gained great success in our recycling programme. This year, we are cooperating with Caritas Hong Kong again to encourage and assist the disabled to return to society, helping them live a better life.’
Mr Lau Lu Keung, Project Manager of the Caritas Computer Recycling Project, said, 'We are very grateful to The Link of its support of our the green environment programme. The donated computers will benefit more rehabilitated people by providing a resource for enhancing their job skills and competitiveness. In addition, it also promote a more harmonious community. We look forward to having more opportunities to join with The Link.’
Mr Peter Fung, Manager – Social Enterprise of Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power, said, ‘We believe support from enterprises and the community is a prerequisite for carrying out rehabilitation works. Rehabilitated people need job opportunities. This time, some of the donated computers will be used for logistics support of the social enterprise of Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power, while others will be distributed to members who cannot afford a computer. We hope this helps them to develop their potential and encourages them to take part in the community.’
Last year, The Link  donated recycled computers on two occasions to different organisations. In March 2011, The Link donated 100 recycled computers to St. James’ Settlement, which distributed the computers to individuals and organisations in need through its vast community service network. In June 2011, The Link donated 150 recycled computers with accessories to Caritas Hong Kong for distribution to its elderly centres and the senior citizens.
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