01 Nov 2016

Eat Light and Healthy with Fresh Markets Vegetarian Creations

Joining forces with the social enterprise Green Monday, Links’ Fresh Markets have invited popular cooking blogger Kris Wan to design six delicious and delicate vegetarian party snacks that are easy to create. The aim is to help change the traditional views about vegetarian cuisine. In view of the concept of food-waste reduction that may be generated by party gatherings, Link’s Fresh Markets co-operate with Helen Yuen (also known as “Frog Mum”), founder of Nature Play in the City, to transform food-waste into various practical handicrafts, making this holiday season more meaningful and unique.
During the period from 5 November 2016 to 21 January 2017, Link’s Fresh Market ambassadors will give live cooking demonstrations of the snacks designed by Kris Wan and offer free food samples every Saturday afternoon at selected Link’s Fresh Markets. During these “Eat and Play Pairing” workshops, the ambassadors will also show shoppers how to recycle food-waste to make wonderful handicraft items. Customers can receive recipes and handicraft-making guides free of charge at all Link’s Fresh Markets.   
For details please refer to the promotion boards located in Link’s Fresh Markets or visit Link’s customer homepage at Linkhk.com.
Link’s Fresh Market Ambassador Training Programme
The Fresh Market ambassadors, who are also residents of the areas where they work, enthusiastically respond to visitors’ queries and are more than happy to share the latest trends in food produce and useful cooking tips. Since 2015, Link has designed a series of training programmes for its ambassadors, including master class with star chefs, and workshops on communication, grooming, and hospitality, in order to further enhance service levels. For details please refer to the display boards at the Fresh Markets and visit Link’s customer website at: Linkhk.com

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