28 Aug 2014

Experience Extreme Horror at Lok Fu Plaza Dark Mansion

As one of the most widely celebrated festivals in Hong Kong, Halloween is popular with both local residents and tourists. Since 2011, The Link has operated the only themed haunted house in Hong Kong with free admission. Located in Lok Fu Plaza, the company’s flagship retail property, The Link’s haunted house has raised the bar for horror, with frightening scenes and effects comparable to theme park Halloween attractions. With their central urban location and the offer of free admission, The Link’s haunted houses have enjoyed great success over the years.

Designed based on one of the top 10 haunted places in Asia tests the courage of visitors

This year, The Link is determined to escalate the haunted horror to a whole new level by proudly presenting Lok Fu Plaza Dark Mansion. With an area of approximately 4,000 square feet, the haunted house is designed based on one of the top 10 haunted places in Asia, the abandoned 18th-century colonial Villa Nabila in Malaysia. The 10 rooms in the Lok Fu Plaza Dark Mansion are filled with ghosts, cinematic lighting, a variety of special effects as well as secret traps. There are two different routes inside the mansion, and visitors are required to venture along either one of the routes on their own for maximum spine-tingling impact.
Starting from 19 September, the haunted house will be open to the public with free admission every Friday to Sunday and on public holidays. Shoppers who spend HK$300 or above in designated shopping centres are welcome to redeem an Express Package, which provides fast-lane entry into the house.
Crazy Halloween Carnival creates a terrifyingly fun experience
In addition to the haunted house, The Link is also hosting the Crazy Halloween Carnival at Lok Fu Plaza. Participants can play games at the Halloween game booths, try on some creative Halloween make-up and enjoy Halloween street magic performances as well as The Ghost Parade. Everyone will surely have a memorable Halloween with this multifaceted, terrifyingly fun experience. In addition, some food and beverage outlets in Lok Fu Plaza will present special Halloween dishes, giving diners the chance to taste delicious Halloween meals featuring scary appearances and exceptional flavours.
“Over the past few years, The Link’s large-scale Halloween events have all been well supported by Hong Kong residents and visitors alike,” said Hilda Wong, Head of Marketing of The Link. “This year we are proud to present Lok Fu Plaza Dark Mansion, a one-of-a-kind large-scale themed haunted house that rivals Halloween attractions found at theme parks. The major difference is that visitors can enjoy The Link’s haunted house for free! The scale of The Link’s Halloween event has expanded year by year to become one of Hong Kong’s most popular Halloween attractions.”
Lok Fu Plaza Dark Mansion background story
In this century, each person who lived in the mansion ended up meeting an unfortunate end. A hundred years later, brave ghost searchers began venturing into the mansion, but they disappeared one by one after experiencing horrific accidents. No one has ever walked out of the mansion alive. Sad songs and baby screams are heard frequently near this cursed and haunted house. Are you brave enough to enter the house? Do you dare find out who – or what – lives inside?
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