30 Apr 2013

Further expansion for Bike & Bike Tools Lending Service

The Link has initiated collaboration with STRiDA, a renowned British bicycle brand, last year to launch Hong Kong’s first-ever bike and bike tools lending service at three major shopping malls, namely Stanley Plaza, Maritime Bay and Tin Shui Shopping Centre. With an overwhelming response, The Link will further promote green living by expanding this service to 25 shopping malls, becoming the first biker’s pit-stop network in Hong Kong to provide unprecedented convenience to the public with our comprehensive bike service. Furthermore, the service will help promote cycling with support from officiating guest Sarah Lee Wai-sze, 2012 Olympic Bronze Medallist and 2010 Asian Games Gold Medallist.

Wider Network Provides Cycling Enjoyment and Promotes Green Living
With coverage expanded to designated shopping malls located on Hong Kong Island and in Tseung Kwan O, Sha Tin, Tai Po, Tuen Mun, Tin Shui Wai and Tung Chung, biker’s pit-stop network will provide the public with more convenient service. Of the 25 malls that will provide the services, 12 will provide both of the bike and bike tools lending service while 13 others will provide bike tools lending service only (please refer to Appendix). The new service will launch in two phases, beginning with the bike tools lending service extension on 1 May 2013 followed by the bike lending service extension on 1 June 2013.

Services will be offered in several new locations, near cycling tracks or other green areas, which are more convenient to allow your ad hoc idea on cycling even though you do not bring with your own bike. With consumption at HK$300 at a designated mall, you are entitled to lend a bike for 3 hours and enjoy a leisurely ride. 

The Link’s bike lending service, at the same time, offers beginners a chance to explore the fun of cycling.  Through trying out a good quality of “The Link x STRiDA” folding bike, beginners can get a sense of “cycling as sports”.  They may even take a consideration of purchase one for their hobby given the folding bike’s lightweight body that makes them easy to carry and store. In addition, The Link’s bike and bike tools lending service allows the public to start a joyful cycling experience just at their fingertips at minimal investment while living a low-carbon lifestyle.

Bike Pit-Stop – An idea originated from the actual needs of cyclists
In response to cyclists’ needs, The Link provides free bike pit-stop including house washrooms, rest areas, dining places and tools to fix a flat tyre or loose screw for people rarely bring tools when they cycle.  All these make cycling a more comfortable and relaxing sport.

Popularisation of Service Gets Full Support from Sarah Lee Wai-sze
Sarah Lee, Officiating guest of the service as well as 2012 Olympics Bronze Medallist and 2010 Asian Games Gold Medallist, fully supports the idea. “The bike and bike tools lending service provided by The Link offer bike-lovers practical and useful support to combat problems like chains and screws becoming loose, which has to be fixed before your ride. Now that the service is expanding to 25 shopping malls, people will not only be able to enjoy cycling, but also learn about sports culture,” said Sarah.

“To promote green living, we expanded our service to as convenient as 25 shopping malls near cycling tracks and as wide as those in Tung Chung to encourage people to start cycling and build it as a hobby in an easiest mode. More than convenience, we also value quality, which is why we partnered with STRiDA again this year to provide quality bike services to the public. The Link expects that the extension of these services is a good place to start, and we will keep our close eyes on others overseas bike service as a reference for service enhancement,” said Hilda Wong, Head of Marketing of The Link.

“Let’s Bike 2013 Bible” for redemption in May
In order to provide the public with the latest and most professional bike information, “Let’s Bike 2013 Bible” presented by The Link will be available for redemption with any purchase invoice from 1 May to 19 May 2013 in the 25 malls where the bike and bike lending service exists (while stock lasts).  For more details, please refer to the promotional materials in the malls.


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