06 Jan 2014

“Go Green Monday with The Link’s Market”

The Link Management Limited (‘The Link’) promotes sustainable development in the community through a number of different initiatives by offering support to local green events. This year, The Link is partnering with local green social enterprise Green Monday to launch the “Go Green Monday with The Link’s Market” programme, which will distribute a healthy recipe each Monday throughout all the 52 weeks in 2014 at designated fresh markets managed by The Link.

Gathering eco-friendly recipes from around the world

To promote a healthy, eco-conscious food culture, The Link is launching 52 recipes by the vegetarian specialists of Green Monday. The simple and nutritious recipes span seasons and holidays, enabling people to cook and eat healthily throughout the year using ingredients that can be bought in The Link’s fresh markets. Through the “Green Cookery” programme, The Link hopes to provide the public with a range of eco-friendly recipes to promote a healthy diet and support carbon reduction.

Free Green Cookery Recipe Book to share the joy of vegetarian food

The Link will also launch the Green Cookery Recipe Book, which can be redeemed by customers for free (while stock lasts) upon every HK$300 spending in designated fresh markets. The Green Cookery Recipe Book introduces various green tips and nutritional information and also includes space for the collection of the 52 “Green Cookery” recipes.

Programme Details

Participating Fresh Markets: Lok Fu Market, Tai Yuen Market, Oi Man Market, Sheung Tak Market, Hau Tak Market, Cheung Fat Market, Leung King Market, Chuk Yuen Market, Sha Kok Market, Tin Yiu Market

(1)  Get a free weekly green recipe 

Distribution Period: 6 January – 29 December 2014 (Every Monday)

(2)  Redeem Green Cookery Recipe Book      
Date: 1 May 2014 (Volume 1)       
         1 June 2014 (Volume 2)
Time: 10am – 8pm daily 
Venue: Customer service counter of designated fresh markets or adjacent shopping centres

Redemption Method 1 (applicable in Lok Fu Market and Tai Yuen Market): Redeem one book upon spending of HK$300 by electronic payment or more in a week (each invoice has to be at least HK$20).

Redemption Method 2 (applicable in the remaining eight fresh markets): Upon every spending of HK$20, customers can earn one stamp. Customers can redeem one book by collection of 15 stamps.

* For details, please read the promotional leaflet.

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