13 Jun 2014

“Gourmet in Style” Returns in 2014 with Chef Chee

For the third year, The Link Management Limited (“The Link”) launches its delicious dining initiative Gourmet in Style. Following last year’s overwhelming success, Gourmet in Style returns to Sha Tin this year. Providing a brand new, delicious dining experience to valued customers, renowned chef Wong Wing Chee (“Chef Chee”) joins the event for the first time and will partner with newly opened Restaurant Dragon Delight (Sha Kok Shopping Centre) to craft a mouth-watering menu of excellent seafood and fine wine. In addition, Chef Chee also  designs and shares various creative recipes for the programme.

A rare opportunity to source secret cooking tips from Chef Chee at Wine-Pairing Seafood Banquet

Upon the completion of the asset enhancement project of Sha Kok Shopping Centre, The Link proudly introduces an array of dining choices to the shopping centre, including Restaurant Dragon Delight. Chef Chee and Dragon Delight join Gourmet In Style, sharing a delectable Wine-Pairing Seafood Banquet with Sha Tin residents. The eight featured dishes include Sautéed Coral Freshwater Mussel with Scallops, Steamed Sea Cucumer Stuffed with Prawn Roe, Sabah Giant Grouper with White Fungus in Yellow Wine Sauce and Baked Boston Lobster in Vanilla Sauce. As one of the tradition, each dish is matched with a fine selection of wines from famous wineries across the globe, bringng a fine tasting experience to diners. Guest will be hosted by renowned food celebrity, Kitty Yuen, who will serve as the emcee of the night. Moreover, the event provides a precious opportunity for guests to enjoy a meal personally monitored by Chef Chee himself while he shares his personal cooking tips.

Wine-Pairing Seafood Banquet ticket redemption

Redemption Method: Between 16 Jun and 6 Jul 2014, customers with accumulated spending of up to HK$2,000 will earn a single ticket. Customers who spend more than HK$3,500 will earn two tickets. Each customer can secure a maximum of two tickets at a time. Tickets are available while stock lasts. A minimum of 3, but not more than 8, computer-generated receipts from different shops are required to qualify for ticket redemption.

Redemption Points: Customer Service Counters at Sha Kok Shopping Centre, Lek Yuen Plaza,Wo Che Plaza and Yu Chui Shopping Centre (10am to 8pm)

Programme Details
Date:  11 Jul 2014 (Fri)
Time:  7pm to 8pm (Wine Tasting), 8pm to 10:30pm (Dinner)
Venue: Dragon Delight (Shop 301, Sha Kok Shopping Centre, Sha Tin)

Free recipe cards designed by Chef Chee

Chef Chee has also designed six different recipe cards that share his special cooking tips, allowing everyone to cook delicacies at home. Recipe cards are printed in Chinese, English and Indonesian, making them easy for foodies to collect. Customers can collect the recipe cards for free  from 20 June to 15 August 2014 at customer service counters in Sha Kok Shopping Centre,Lek Yuen Plaza, Wo Che Plaza and Yu Chui Shopping Centre respectively. 
Recipe cards are available while stock lasts.

*Designated participating shopping centres:
Sha Kok Shopping Centres, Lek Yuen Plaza, Wo Che Plaza, Yu Chui Shopping Centre, Chun Shek Shopping Centre, Hin Keng Shopping Centre, Kwong Yuen Shopping Centre, Lung Hang Commercial Centre, Mei Lam Commercial Centre, Sui Wo Court Commercial Centre, Sun Chui Shopping Centre, Sun Tin Wai Commercial Centre
For more information, please refer to the promotion panels in the shopping centres or visit The Link’s customer website (www.thelink.com.hk).

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