10 Jul 2012

Gourmet Walter Kei joins Head Chef of King’s Fortune creating new dishes

Organized by The Link’s Siu Sai Wan Plaza and Hing Wah Plaza, the Campaign featured a Wine Pairing Dinner hosted by renowned gourmet Walter Kei on 6 July at King’s Fortune Seafood Restaurant in Siu Sai Wan Plaza. Walter joined with Master So, the Head Chef of King’s Fortune, to bring a new dining experience showcasing fabulous new crossover dishes.

Traditional dishes with a creative new twist

At the Wine Pairing Dinner, Walter demonstrated how to prepare traditional ingredients using new cooking methods. Participants at the event also had the opportunity to sample the savoury new dishes produced by Walter and Master So as well as the most appropriate wines for each dish. Among the favourites were Three Miners Pinot Noir and Sherwood Estate Sauvignon Blanc.

New signature dishes give new life to restaurant

Hundreds shoppers redeemed admission tickets for the Wine Pairing Dinner after making purchases at Siu Sai Wan Plaza or Hing Wah Plaza. After partnering with Walter Kei, Master So expressed his gratefulness to The Link for this new experience which inspired him to bring more creativity to ordinary ingredients and prepare more signature dishes for his restaurant. Participants at the Wine Pairing event said they would definitely visit the restaurant again with their friends and family.

Three new crossover dishes will be available at King’s Fortune Seafood Restaurant till 30 September. For more details, please refer to the below table.
King’s Fortune Seafood Restaurant
Address: Shop 303, 3/F, Siu Sai Wan Plaza, Island East
Phone: 2667-8738

Lucky Draw and Redemption of Walter Kei’s Recipe Book
Shoppers can redeem a lucky draw voucher and a copy of Walter Kei’s Recipe Book by spending $150 or more with a maximum of two receipts. The winner of the lucky draw will receive a 4-day/3-night travel package for two to Tokyo, Japan (worth $15,960).
The recipe book with over ten new recipes by Walter Kei is available in Chinese, English and Indonesian. The book can be stood upright for easy reference while cooking. It can also be used to hold Walter Kei’s recipe cards distributed free each week.
Lucky draw voucher redemption period: Till 7 August (10:00am to 8:00pm)
Lucky draw voucher redemption venue: Customer service counters at Siu Sai Wan Plaza and Hing Wah Plaza
Free Distribution of Walter Kei’s Recipe Cards
Creative recipes by Walter Kei are released weekly.

Date: Till 30 September
Venue: Customer service counters at Siu Sai Wan Plaza and Hing Wah Plaza, Entrance at Siu Sai Wan Market
Campaign enquiry hotline: 2521-8317
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