31 Jul 2016

H.A.N.D.S Appoints HK Boxing Champion Rex Tso as Asia’s Thumb Wrestling Contest's Ambassador for 1st Anniversary

Link is hosting “H.A.N.D.S Up 1st Anniversary” campaign from now until 14 August for three consecutive weekends. A wide array of entertaining games and performances will be staged, including a joint event with World Thumb Wrestling Championship (WTWC) from the UK: “H.A.N.D.S x WTWC International Thumb Wrestling Championship”. As Asia’s first thumb wrestling contest, the event aims to encourage Hong Kong people to stop the addiction to mobile gadgets and lead a balanced life with a good dose of daily exercises. As the contest’s ambassador, Hong Kong boxing champion Rex “The Wonder Kid” Tso joined the recruitment day to call on youngsters to join the contest. To cheer up the contestants, Rex also led the audience to do a warm-up exercise.
The thumb wrestling game is highly popular in Europe. Even Hollywood celebrities starring as Iron Man and Captain America played the game at a movie premiere! To win a game, the contestants are required to ‘wield’ their thumbs to press down their opponent within 30 seconds. The contest comprises teenager and open categories. Semi-finals will be held on 6 and 7 August, while the finale will be staged in the following weekend on 13 and 14 August.  Jack Paul Alastair Reynolds, 2015 world champion of WTWC, will come to Hong Kong and battle with the winners.
Boasting a streak of 19 consecutive victories in his boxing career, Rex said, “Thumb wrestling is good for enhancing one’s concentration and observation skills. An effective strike can be achieved by finding the opponent’s weaknesses.” Cecilia Ng, unit-in-charge of Media Counselling Centre of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, attributed phubbing behaviours to the high popularity of smartphones, which youngsters rely on for entertainment and amusement. She said thumb wrestling is a healthy substitute as it enhances communication skills and offers opportunities for interpersonal contact.
“H.A.N.D.S Up 1st Anniversary” also features the “Shake & Win” programme. Shoppers who have spent HK$200 or more with electronic payment are eligible to play the game for the chance to win a HK$10,000 cash prize. In addition, free gigantic board games are available at the rooftop garden, which are perfect for family with kids. Please visit www.linkhk.com for details.




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