12 May 2015

Healthy Eating through the “24 Solar Terms Cooking Demonstration” in Link's Fresh Markets

The Link is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting cooking programme to promote healthy eating according to the Chinese climate calendar traditions. Celebrity chef Ricky Cheung has been invited to design a series of healthy fusion dishes based on the 24 Chinese solar terms which alleviate the discomfort caused by the change of weather in the four seasons – reducing humidity in Spring, relieving heat in Summer, soothing dehydration in Autumn and keeping warm in Winter.

The Link’s Market Service Ambassadors will host the “24 Solar Terms Cooking Demonstration” series in the Lok Fu, Tai Yuen and H.A.N.D.S fresh markets. Using fresh ingredients provided by the market stalls to create the dishes, a range of delicacies and cooking tips will be shared with customers. Shoppers and cooking fans alike can join and taste the dishes for free on designated Saturday afternoons from May 2015 to April 2016.

Details of the first six sessions of the “24 Solar Terms Cooking Demonstration” are:

Date:  Dish:
9 May (Summer Commences) Broccoli and sun dried shrimps with chicken fillet
23 May (Corn kernels) Salted egg and thousand year egg with dried meat and tofu dressed with sesame sauce and wasabi
6 June (Corn on the cob) Summer fresh winter melon with stir-fried prawns
27 June (Summer Solstice) Sake prawns with minced pork and hairy gourd
11 July (Moderate Heat) Ginger loach with stewed tofu
25 July (Great Heat) Chinese yam and goji berries with stir-fried black fungus
2:30 to 3:00pm (First session)
4:30 to 5:00 pm (Second session)
Venue:  Lok Fu Market, Tai Yuen Market, H.A.N.D.S Market

The Link Market Service Ambassador Training Programme

The Market Service Ambassadors of Lok Fu, Tai Yuen and H.A.N.D.S markets provide professional and attentive services, including customers’ enquiry assistance and sharing updated grocery prices and cooking tips with shoppers. To encourage our Ambassadors to improve their skills even more, The Link introduced a series of training courses from April this year. In addtion to learning cooking tips from chef Ricky Cheung, they train in self-grooming and communication skills, coached by industry professionals. As hosts of the “24 Solar Terms Cooking Demonstrations”, they will personally interact with customers and tenants, bringing our shopping malls even closer to  the local community’s lifestyle.

For details, please refer to promotion boards at the markets or visit The Link’s Customer Website: www.thelink.com.hk

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