27 Nov 2018

Helping University Students Realise Dreams for a Better Future

The Link University Scholarship which aims to promote upward social mobility among young people, has awarded 190 undergraduates this year.  The first in three generations of their families studying university, the Link scholars were selected from over 800 applicants in the eight universities across Hong Kong.

Officiating at the scholarship presentation event held recently, Mr Nick Allen, Chairman of Link Asset Management Limited said, “Since the start of the Link University Scholarship in 2015, we have donated $11.2 million for a total of 560 scholarships. Through this scholarship and the associated Alumni programme, we hope students who may be disadvantaged by their family background will have the opportunities to realise their dreams for a better future.”

Mr Allen also commended the students at the event, “We received a record number of applications from over 800 students this year which made competition very stiff and selection particularly difficult. Our judges were very impressed by the overall quality of the candidates, especially by the performance of our 190 winning students.”

The students attended an Interview Day earlier in September and were selected by a 60-member strong judging panel consisting of government representatives, local community leaders, NGOs and Link representatives. 

Over 250 participants attended the presentation event including students and their families, school teachers and principals. They were also joined by representatives from their universities namely: Mrs. Roslyn Li, Associate Director of Student Development Services (Student Life and Resources), City University of Hong Kong; Mr. Tony Chan  , Assistant Director of Student Affairs, Head of LQC, Hong Kong Baptist University; Ms Connie Wong, Assistant Director of Student Services, Lingnan University; Prof Wong Suk-ying, Associate Vice-President and Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Mrs Jamie Chau, Assistant Director of Student Services, The Hong Kong Education University; Prof Esmond Mok, Dean of Students, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University;  Dr Tony Lam, Associate Dean of Students cum Head of Scholarships & Financial Aid Office, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; and Prof Ian Holliday, Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning), The University of Hong Kong.

Celebrating at the event, Prof Wong Suk-ying from The Chinese University of Hong Kong said, " We are delighted that 97 scholarships were awarded to our undergraduates at CUHK. Students should make good use of their spare time during their four-year university study to ponder and challenge their conventional thinking, make friends, and broaden their horizons. Since many CUHK students come from grassroots families and need to work part-time, the Link Scholarship will help release them from the extra work burden and allow them to have more time to explore their other intellectual or non-formal learning interests. Moreover, the scholarship signifies a strong gesture of care and support from society that will inspire our young people to develop a positive worldview and reinforce their confidence for a bright future. "

Through internship opportunities in Link and community engagement activities, the Link Scholars Alumni also helps students develop networking skills, prepare for career goals and learn to give back to society.

The Link University Scholarship is a part of the Link Together Initiatives, which was set up in 2013 as the flagship charity and community engagement programme of Link. Besides freshmen, the Scholarship is also open to second to fourth year undergraduates.

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