24 Jul 2018

Hidden Gems of Tuen Mun - Discover Sam Shing Tanka Culture

Tucked away in the southeastern coast of Castle Peak Bay in Tuen Mun, Sam Shing is an emerging destination for cultural excursions into the boat-dwelling lifestyle of the Tankas. These ‘boat people’ have a long history of selling their sumptuous catch from the sea directly to the local community and visitors on the shore. This has gradually evolved into today’s Sam Shing Seafood Market, which is Hong Kong’s answer to Fisherman’s Wharf.

Explore cultural origin of Sam Shing Seafood Market
Sam Shing Seafood Market was once a floating market formed by vessels the Tanka people inhabited as homes. Seafood was their staple for generations and these seafood vendors have accumulated a colourful cultural and culinary heritage. Fast-forward to the present, Sam Shing has become a popular tourist attraction offering a slice of the century-old Tanka customs and traditions. In fact, there are more sight-seeing around Sam Shing Estate, including the local Grade II historic building of Sam Shing Temple, Kadoorie Pier and Beach, and other hidden gems. And what better way to conclude a midsummer day’s excursion than with a stroll along the nearby Castle Peak Bay Waterfront Promenade taking in the panoramic views of Sam Shing Typhoon Shelter and Tuen Mun coast?

Three tips to sample the authentic taste of local fishing villages in Sam Shing
This summer, the restaurants in Sam Shing Seafood Market will take you on a finger-licking gastronomic journey with a selected array of seafood specialties served against the enchanting backdrop of the harbour. Experience the traditional ‘sea-to-table’ approach by choosing your favourite ingredients fresh from the sea, then have them cooked to your preference by the restaurants. Here are three tips for you to make the most of your experience:

Wise Tips @ Sam Shing No. 1 – Choose Wisely
When choosing crabs, look for the fatty ones with a harder shell, and put them under the lamp to see if their shells show a faint yellow shade of crab butter. When choosing abalones, pick those in pointy shapes if you prefer an al dente texture, or select those with smooth round shapes for mellow bites. As for shrimps, go for the lustrous ones for the freshest taste.

Wise Tips @ Sam Shing No. 2 – Eat Wisely
Don’t miss out the three must-try delicacies in Sam Shing Seafood Market, including fresh grass shrimps, Castle Peak flatfish and Castle Peak Bay baby mangrove crabs. In case there is room for more, you can find other authentic choices available on site.

Wise Tips @ Sam Shing No. 3 – Play Wisely
Escape from the summer heat with family members or your beloved at Castle Peak Bay, which provides an ideal picnic spot with a lovely beach and a playground nearby.

Splash out this summer to discover more from Sam Shing. Definitely a must-go attraction in Tuen Mun!

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