22 Apr 2014

“HK Toy Museum @ The Link” presents “Favourite Hong Kong Toy” Photo Competition

In a partnership between The Link Management Limited (“The Link”) and famous movie director Oxide Pang, the “HK Toy Museum @ The Link” opened its doors in March. Located at Lok Fu Plaza, the permanent toy museum is now in high gear, having rolled out a series of diversified and interactive toy-themed events to attract toy enthusiasts and fans from across the spectrum, gather the momentum of the toy-loving community, and strengthen the museum’s reputation as Hong Kong’s premier destination for toy lovers.

Through the Lens: “Favourite Hong Kong Toy” Photo Competition

One highlight is the “Favourite Hong Kong Toy” photo competition, which encourages people to take unique and memorable toy-themed photos. To enter the competition, participants can simply upload their photo, coupled with a caption, to the “HK Toy Museum @ The Link” Facebook page from 26 April to 25 May. Prizes worth over HK$20,000, including the latest Sony digital camera and cash coupons, will be awarded to the best three entries handpicked by the panel of judges. To entice sharing of the photos, the five photos that receive the most “likes” will receive special prizes, while the first 30 participants will receive cash coupons.

Crafted by Hand: “Paper Toy Model Exhibition” & “Paper Folding Model Workshop”

The “HK Toy Museum @ The Link” will also hold a “Paper Folding Model Workshop” during the weekends of 26 April to 18 May, where trained instructors will lead participants on how to create their very own collectable paper toy. Customers who spend a specified amount at Lok Fu Plaza and present original receipts can register for the workshop for free on workshop days. Places are limited and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

A “Paper Toy Model Exhibition” will also take place from 26 Apr to 25 May, showcasing paper model renditions of the toys within the “HK Toy Museum @ The Link” and giving visitors a new perception of the museum’s unique collection.

“HK Toy Museum @ The Link” – Hong Kong’s biggest and best destination for toy enthusiasts

The “HK Toy Museum @ The Link” is a permanent free-to-visit toy museum at Lok Fu Plaza that features the largest toy collection in Hong Kong, making it the city’s unparalleled destination for toy enthusiasts. The museum boasts an exclusive selection of over 10,000 valuable toys from Pang’s private collection, including limited edition and out of production toys collected from around the world. Also a prominent part of the “HK Toy Museum @ The Link” is “Dream Chariot”, a Guinness World Record challenger which was made by Dr. Bricks, a local toy group of ten, at the behest of The Link. Using 200,000 toy bricks, the group spent a painstaking 300 continuous hours over 2 weeks assembling the chariot.

Through this series of activities, the “HK Toy Museum @ The Link” continues to position itself as Hong Kong’s prime destination for toy enthusiasts, consolidate the local toy community, and provide an ideal platform for toy lovers to share their passion and for collectors to showcase their rare collections. Pang, the museum’s Honorary Curator, will be present occasionally to meet the public and toy lovers, giving the museum additional energy and excitement.




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