26 Mar 2012

Improved car park facilities and increased parking discount for disabled

Ongoing improvements to car park facilities
To meet customers’ needs and public demand, The Link REIT ("The Link") has undertaken a number of enhancement initiatives at its car parks over the past year. These include:
(1) Installation of over 700 high definition network cameras, increasing CCTV coverage to an average of 90%. The Link will continue to upgrade the existing digital recording system to a high density network recording system so as to improve operational flexibility and security monitoring at the car parks.
(2) Replacement of existing lighting equipment with T5 energy-saving fluorescent lamps at more than 50 car parks. The replacement exercise will be completed at all car parks in the 2012-13 financial year. 
(3) Improved barrier-free access facilities in 7 car parks, all with parking spaces for people with disabilities. Improvement works will be undertaken at other 73 car parks in 2012-13 financial year.
(4) Completion of large-scale maintenance and renovation works in 11 car parks. Improvement works will be undertaken at other car parks in the future.
(5) Installation of 50 electric vehicle charging stations in 8 car parks, encouraging drivers to use environmentally-friendly electric vehicles. 
Increase in disabled parking discount — now 60% off
With effect from 1 May 2012, the existing half-price discount for monthly and hourly rates for holders of “Disabled Person’s Parking Permit” or “Parking Certificate for Drivers Who Carry People with Mobility Disabilities” will be increased to 60%. This is to encourage the disabled to integrate into the community.
Launch of “EV Pass” for the third consecutive year
In support of environmentally-friendly driving, an EV Pass launched for the third year entitles users of electric vehicles to enjoy free parking and electrical-charging at designated car parks and hours.
Adjustment of monthly fees, 30% of car parks remain unaffected
The Link will review the usage and fee of our car parks every year. Owing to external factors such as the rising cost of enhancement works, implementation of the Statutory Minimum Wage and increase in electricity charges, monthly parking fees at selected car parks will be adjusted with reference to the circumstances of individual car parks as well as the prevailing rates in the same district. The new fee will be effective from 1 May 2012. Details are as follows:
Monthly parking fees for private cars
Monthly parking fees for 125 car parks in The Link’s portfolio (please refer to Appendix A for full list) will be adjusted upward by about 7.6%, while those for the other 51 (around 30%) will remain unchanged. 
Monthly parking fees for lorries
Monthly parking fees for 93 car parks under The Link’s portfolio (please refer to Appendix B for full list) will be adjusted upward by 6.9%, while those for the other 35 (around 30%) will remain unchanged.
Monthly fees for motorcycle parking and “One Link Pass” holders
Monthly fees for both will be revised upward. Monthly fees for motorcycles will be adjusted upward by around 9.1%. The monthly rate of the “One Link Pass” will increase by $50 to $488.

According to a survey by The Link, monthly parking fees at the car parks will remain competitive after the adjustments when compared with other car parks in the same district. With reference to the demand and usage as well as prevailing rates in the same district of individual car parks, monthly fees at 30% of the car parks will remain unchanged. The Link will continue to uphold the policy that monthly parking fees will not be increased more than once within a year, and notice will be given to all customers at least one month prior to the effective date of any adjustment.
The Link is committed to keeping stringent control over its operational costs, while carrying out enhancements of facilities and services to provide drivers the best value for money.
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