15 Jul 2013

“Kids' Speech Therapy Community Outreach Programme”

From July 2013 to June 2014, The Link is offering support to the “Kids' Speech Therapy Community Outreach Programme” organised by Benji’s Centre, to raise public awareness of speech therapy for children and provide necessary assistance to children from low income families to facilitate proper diagnosis and therapy.
Raise public awareness of the importance of professional speech therapy

As part of the “Kids Speech Therapy Community Outreach Programme”, a series of activities will be held in multiple shopping centres of The Link (please refer to Appendix)., including talent shows by speech impaired children, seminars conducted by speech therapists and exhibitions.

The opening ceremony of the programme was held at Lok Fu Plaza on 14 July, with renowned violinist Nishizaki Takako and artist Winnie Young Yuen Yee as the guests of honour. Professional speech therapists were also invited to explain the importance of children's speech therapy. Through this year round program, the organiser hopes to draw attention to the importance of speech therapy for children affected by speech disorder. In addition, the organiser aims to help these children to obtain professional treatment so they can lead normal lives as active members of the community.

Advance sustainable development through supporting community needs     

The Link contributes to the sustainable development by serving the needs of the elderly and children of local community. By leveraging its network of shopping centres, The Link organises various promotions to achieve this objective. Apart from the “Kids' Speech Therapy Community Outreach Programme”, The Link also supports the “Jockey Club Charles Kao Brain Health Services” which aims to increase public awareness towards Alzheimer’s disease and achieve early prevention and prompt treatment.
#Appendix –  “Kids' Speech Therapy Community Outreach Programme” schedule

Date of Event The Link's Shopping Centres
14 Jul 2013 (Sun) Lok Fu Plaza
28 Sep 2013 (Sat) Wo Che Plaza
26 Oct 2013 (Sat) Tai Wo Plaza
21 Dec 2013 (Sat) Kai Tin Shopping Centre
25 Jan 2014 (Sat) Sheung Tak Plaza
1 Mar 2014 (Sat) Leung King Plaza
19 Apr 2014 (Sat) Cheung Fat Plaza
29 Jun 2014 (Sun) Lung Cheung Plaza
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