27 Feb 2013

Korean Musical Hit Returns Attracting Thousands

“Pang Show”, the Korean musical comedy smash combining electrifying break-dancing, magic tricks and acrobatics, returned this Chinese New Year following its successful Hong Kong debut at Stanley Plaza’s “World of Food and Music Festival 2012”. The interactive variety performance group staged its act at a number of shopping centres of The Link Management Limited (“The Link”), bringing shoppers a Chinese New Year filled with joy and laughter.
Originating from the popular Korean TV drama “Kim Tak Ku, The King of Baking”, which is televised across 12 countries in Asia, the record-breaking TV drama was known as National TV series in Korea. The drama was just broadcasted in Hong Kong with the return of Korean musical comedy hit.  In 2011, “Pang Show” was nominated as a “Hot Stage Performance” by Korea In Motion Festival. Following its successful Hong Kong debut at Stanley Plaza’s “World of Food and Music Festival 2012”, the “Pang Show” was returned this Chinese New Year with dynamic and interactive performance featuring break-dancing, magic tricks and acrobatics. In addition to inviting the audience to participate in the baking of “pang” (bread), the group also gives out warm, fresh-baked bread after the show.
During the first week of Chinese New Year on 15 and 16 February 2013, “Pang Show” was staged at The Link’s four shopping malls, namely Kai Tin Shopping Centre, Lung Cheung Plaza, Leung King Plaza and Lok Fu Plaza. With huge audiences comprising families and teens, the show was a major highlight amongst the Chinese New Year festivities in every district where it was performed.
Synopsis of “Pang Show”
Master Palbong was a legendary baker and the founder of the Palbong Bakery. Even after Master Palbong’s death, the Palbong Bakery remains full of energy because the master has left them with his recipe for the magical “Exciting Bread – PANG”, which brings excitement after a single bite. 
One day, the recipe for the “Exciting Bread – PANG” was disappeared from the shop and the bakers of Palbong Bakery faced their biggest crisis since they can no longer bake any “Exciting Bread – PANG”. 
Now is the time for Kim Tak ku, the King of Baking, to stand up for the honour of Palbong Bakery and bring back the energy to the shop by making the “Exciting Bread – PANG” with his fellow bakers. 
To make the “Exciting Bread – PANG” the Bakers themselves have to be excited first. This marks the beginning of an exciting challenge – for the performers and the audience.
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