12 Apr 2013

Lamborghini HK x The Link x CowParade at Stanley Plaza

The Link Stanley Plaza has been devoted to bringing the most and the best to its visitors and tenants. The 50th Anniversary of the Italian super sports car giant - Automobili Lamborghini has sealed an unprecedented collaboration, bringing together The Link, Lamborghini HK and the international public art exhibit CowParade, to launch a grand celebration in Stanley Plaza. The series of world-class art and charity events not only fulfil corporate social responsibility, but also deliver charm and energy to strengthen the image of Hong Kong as a world city.
The Link Stanley Plaza will present “Lamborghini HK x The Link x CowParade at Stanley Plaza” from 27 April to 19 May. The series of art and charity events will be kicked-off by a parade of over 30 Lamborghini super sports cars worth over hundreds of millions together with the life-sized cow sculpture designed by the renowned international kitchen designers of Strato on Hong Kong Island on 27 April. Joining the celebration, Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok and top artists from around the world are invited to design life-sized cow sculptures for the crossover exhibition of Lamborghini and CowParade and make appearance in the charity auction and photo-taking session. The exhibition also features a collection of limited edition 6-inch cow figurines which will be put up for online charity auction. The Link Stanley Plaza is set to attract eyeballs of sports car fans around the world, tourists and the local community.

World-class Campaign in the Events Capital of Asia
Ms Hilda Wong, Head of Marketing, The Link Management Limited, said, “'Lamborghini HK x The Link x CowParade at Stanley Plaza” is not only a world-class event, but also an exhilarating crossover of a renowned tourist attraction, an international brand and a global art event. We are very honoured to organise this mega campaign in Stanley Plaza so that both local and foreign tourists can further experience the beauty and appeal of Stanley, one of the top ten tourist attractions in Hong Kong. More than a world unprecedented event to sports car fans around the world, this campaign will reinforce Hong Kong’ status as the Events Capital of Asia while helping people in need through our fund-raising programmes."

The Link and Lamborghini HK Brings Art to the World
Ms Josephine Lee, General Manager of Marketing and Public Relations Department, Lamborghini HK, said, "In response to the 50th Anniversary of Automobili Lamborghini, our brand value - Extreme, Italian, Uncompromising are well incorporated into the theme of the campaign. In the Kick-off Ceremony, 5 special Lamborghini super sports cars designed according to the pattern of the life-sized cow sculptures will be displayed. The invigorating design fully represents the spirit of Automobili Lamborghini of staying extraordinary. Commencing Hong Kong's celebration of Automobili Lamborghini's 50th Anniversary with this charity event is especially meaningful for us. We hope to see more from the local community joining our celebration and help people in need in the society with the fund raised throughout the campaign. While different parts of the world are celebrating the 50th, the global celebration will culminate in Italy, when vintage and modern-day Lamborghinis from every corner of the globe parade through Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy from 7 to 11 May."

Multi-million Lamborghini Super Sports Cars Parade on Hong Kong Island
The exciting “Lamborghini HK x The Link x CowParade at Stanley Plaza” will be kicked-off by the Super Sports Car Parade on 27 April (Saturday). Taking their start from Central, the financial centre of Hong Kong, a line-up of over 30 Lamborghinis together with the life-sized cow sculpture designed by Marco Gorini and Gianna Farina, the masterminds behind the renowned international kitchen designer Strato, will parade through major roads on Hong Kong Island and head to Stanley Plaza for display in the Kick-off Ceremony.

Superstar and Top Artists from Italy and New York to Design for CowParade
The CowParade annual event originated from Switzerland invites artists to design their own cows on fibreglass sculptures of cows. The cow sculptures are exhibited in major world cities and auctioned off for charity causes. The campaign presents the unprecedented crossover between Lamborghini and CowParade. Design theme based on brand value of Lamborghini - Extreme, Italian, Uncompromising - five reputable parties, including superstar Aaron Kwok; Mankey, Japanese designer from the fashion label A Bathing Ape; Italian floral artist Emilio Robba; Billy the Artist, a contemporary artist from New York; and Lamborghini HK Team; will paint a life-sized cow sculpture each and their creations will be matched to Lamborghinis with the same design pattern. The pairs will be debuted on the Kick-off Ceremony on 27 April and be displayed in the exhibition held between 28 April and 19 May (display of painted Lamborghinis only on weekends.)

Fierce Bidding Expected for the Charity Cow Auction
The 5 specially-designed life-sized cow sculptures will be put up for auction on site upon the end of the Kick-off Ceremony. The auction to be hosted by professionals from Poly Auction Hong Kong is expected to draw fierce bidding among collectors. All the proceeds will be channelled to charities. After the celebration in Hong Kong, the 5 life-sized cow sculptures will be displayed in travelling exhibitions around major cities in China as the highlight of CowParade Shanghai and Taiwan in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Online Charity Auction for Cow Collectibles
To promote local community charity projects and art development, 50 socialites, renowned local and emerging designers, fashion icons and design students from the local community are also invited to design 6" cow figurines, which will also be exhibited in the “Lamborghini HK x The Link x CowParade at Stanley Plaza”. Together with 100 pieces of 6" replicas of the life-sized cow sculpture designed by Lamborghini HK Team, the total 150 pieces of limited edition cow figurines will be put up on the event's official website (www.stanleyplaza.com) for auction from 28 April to 19 May.

Charity Photo-taking Session
On 27 April, visitors will get a chance to take a photo of them sitting in a Lamborghini super sports car and receive an instant photo frame upon a designated amount of donation or more.

All the proceeds of the "Lamborghini HK x The Link x CowParade at Stanley Plaza 2013" campaign will be donated to "Heifer International Hong Kong" and "Giving Love" to help the impoverished farmers in rural areas of China and local people in needs.

For more details, please refer to the appendixes or the website: www.stanleyplaza.com.
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