22 Jan 2014

Link Community Sports Academy's Free Spring Courses now open for enrolment

The Link Community Sports Academy (the Academy) has experienced high levels of participation since it was launched in 2012, with more than 2,500 people taking part in free training sessions in different sports at The Link’s recreational facilities. Following the success of its programme last year, in spring 2014 the Academy will offer seven types of sports training for FREE at 13 venues across Kowloon and the New Territories. People of all ages and abilities are welcome to enrol now.

KT Poon, Director of Government & Community Engagement at The Link Management Limited, said, “We are delighted that The Link Community Sports Academy has received an enthusiastic welcome from local residents. In 2013 the programme won the Asia Pacific Community Support Award, organised by the ICSC Foundation, in recognition of its commitment to community engagement. The spring 2014 courses will again utilise The Link’s recreational facilities to offer courses to a wide variety of participants, including children and teens. We have also added more courses which are suitable for the elderly and people with disabilities. In addition, we will continue to support participants who display outstanding performance with the opportunity to receive advanced training.”

Newly introduced rouliqiu is suitable for all ages

In addition to the six existing sports, the Academy has partnered with The Hong Kong Rouliqiu Association to offer rouliqiu classes for the first time. Rouliqiu, a new sport that has recently become popular in Asia, combines the essence of tai chi, tennis and badminton. It can be practised in a small area and is a fun activity for people of all ages and abilities. The Academy will make equipment available to all participants free of charge.

Courses for the elderly promote a healthy lifestyle

The Academy will also launch soccer and tennis classes for older adults aged 50 to 65 to promote a healthy lifestyle through participation in different physical activities.

Encourage participation from people of all abilities

The Academy promotes community inclusion and encourages people with disabilities to participate in different activities to improve their social and physical capabilities. In spring 2014, the Academy has invited professional coaches to offer bowling training to people with visual, hearing or mild intellectual impairments. In addition, the bowling and rouliqiu training sessions are open to the elderly and people with disabilities, so that they can develop their physical abilities in a structured environment.

Continue to support talented students

In order to encourage and develop the athletic skills of talented students with the aim of helping them attain a spot on the Hong Kong national team, the Academy will continue to offer advanced courses in soccer and roller skating.

From today until 17 February, enrolment forms are available at customer service counters in designated shopping centres of The Link or online at www.thelinkreit.com/sportsacademy.

For more information, please call The Link Community Sports Academy Hotline:2175 1234

Enrolment forms are available at customer service counters in the following shopping centres:

Lok Fu Plaza
Lung Cheung Plaza
Wong Tai Sin Plaza
Oi Man Plaza
Un Chau Shopping Centre
Kai Yip Shopping Centre
Chung Fu Plaza
Shek Lei Shopping Centre Phase II
Cheung Hong Shopping Centre
Sheung Tak Plaza
Po Lam Shopping Centre




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