24 Aug 2012

Link join hands with SOPEXA at Everyday Bordeaux 2012

With the overwhelming responses from the first Wine Paring Dinner in Island East, The Link held the Everyday Bordeaux 2012 at Tseung Kwan O, 24 August, This international wine-tasting event held jointly with SOPEXA, specially organized in conventional Chinese restaurant featured world-class Bordeaux wines and creative crossover dishes by renowned gourmet traveller Walter Kei and the Executive Chef of Very Good Banquet Hall in Nan Fung Plaza. Mr Thomas Jullien, Asian representative of Bordeaux Wine Council was being invited to share his wine experience.

Wine tasting of world-class Bordeaux wines

Held annually, Everyday Bordeaux brings together blindfolded professional wine tasters to select the 100 highest quality Bordeaux wines. The Wine Pairing Dinner hosted by The Link joined hands with Everyday Bordeaux as part of the outstanding wine-tasting event, featured 70 of these selected wines, including reds, whites, rosés and dessert wines. Participants had the chance to enjoy the world-class Bordeaux wines in one go. For details of Bordeaux wines, please visit http://bordeaux.sopexa.com.hk.

New crossover signature dish

The Wine Pairing Dinner attracted over 300 shoppers, who purchased tickets online or redeemed them with purchases at The Link’s shopping centres. Gourmet traveller Walter Kei shared his experiences in wine tasting at the event and introduced spectacular new crossover signature dishes created with the chef of Very Good Banquet Hall. Participants said that the event increased their wine knowledge while giving them a chance to enjoy new dishes. They also said they would return with relatives and friends.

Selected restaurants at Hau Tak Shopping Centre and Nan Fung Plaza, including Very Good Banquet Hall, will join Walter Kei to create spectacular new crossover dishes combining traditional ingredients and contemporary cooking methods.
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