09 Jun 2014

Link receives Silver Award at the China Golden Awards for Public Relations

On the strength of its comprehensive staff relations and communications, The Link REIT (“The Link”) won a Silver Award in the Internal Relations category at the Eleventh China Golden Awards for Excellence in Public Relations organised by the China International Public Relations Association.

The Link’s employees are essential to its success, and staff relation is an important part of The Link’s sustainability framework. To help The Link provides its customers and nearby residents with the best services, The Link’s employees are stationed at its properties throughout Hong Kong. With this geographically scattered workforce, it is especially important for The Link to maintain a close relationship with each and every staff member.

George Hongchoy, Chief Executive Officer of The Link Management Limited, said, “This award recognises our consistent efforts in strengthening employee communication and interaction through various channels. These include the dissemination of over 100 internal messages to our staff through the staff intranet and email, the publication of our corporate newsletter Channel 823, which provides coverage of The Link’s latest developments and important company news, plus the town hall meetings which all staff are invited to attend. I would like to thank our staff for their dedication, and I am looking forward to continuing to work side by side with them to create value for the community and to serve and improve the lives of those around us.”

The China Golden Awards for Excellence in Public Relations commend successful public relations campaigns in the Greater China Region. The Link won a Silver Award in the Community Relations category at the Tenth China Golden Awards for Excellence in Public Relations. In 2014 The Link joins other major Hong Kong listed companies in winning an award again, which recognises The Link’s efforts in corporate communications.

Employees are The Link’s most valuable asset and also an important element in The Link’s Sustainability Framework. With the introduction of different staff benefit and engagement initiatives in recent years like birthday leave, the Employee Unit Purchase Plan and the Executive Development Programme in Shopping Mall Management jointly organised with Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Link has strived to unleash the full potential of its employees and enhance their sense of belonging. In addition, The Link provides a wide range of activities and facilities for employees, including the Staff Work-Life Balance Centre, which is equipped with a gymnasium and other recreational facilities to help staff relax after a busy day of work.

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