27 May 2019

Link’s Nam Cheong Place Unveils New Name and Look The Repositioned Shopping Complex Features a Large-scale Fresh Market and a Diverse Tenant Mix

Nam Cheong Place Offers a Brand-New Shopping and Fresh Market Experience
Following comprehensive enhancement works, the former Fu Cheong Shopping Centre has been reimagined under a new name– Nam Cheong Place – and features a two-zone complex, including brand new of an air-conditioned fresh market (opening in May 2019) and a new shopping arcade on (opening in August 2019).With its diverse tenant portfolio and stylish setting, Link’s Nam Cheong Place presents a new, convenient shopping experience, just a short walk from Nam Cheong MTR Station.

Nam Cheong Place Market on the ground floor offers customers fresh seafood and quality produce thanks to its enviable location just five minutes away from Cheung Sha Wan Wholesale Fish Market, Kowloon’s largest wholesale fish market. A variety of seafood and quality fruits and vegetables are delivered directly to Nam Cheong Place Market daily, allowing customers to shop for and choose fresh, premium ingredients in an air-conditioned environment – the first such fresh market in the neighbourhood.

‘Bonus Blaster’ Campaign Features Limited Edition SANRIO CHARACTERS Goodies
To celebrate its successful facelift, Nam Cheong Place is presenting the ‘Bonus Blaster’ campaign to engage visitors in a fun way. Kicking off the campaign is the ‘Link Fresh Markets x SANRIO CHARACTERS’ installation, starring the adorable monkey Osaru No Monkichi as a fruit stall owner to charm visitors with its overwhelming cuteness, alongside a fabulous array of redeemable goodies and attractive events.

Meanwhile, customers who spend a designated amount can collect a limited edition ‘SANRIO CHARACTERS healthy recipe table mat’, a ‘SANRIO CHARACTERS foldable eco-friendly shopping basket’, an exclusive ‘Osaru No Monkichi banana pancake’ or a limited edition ‘SANRIO CHARACTERS eco-friendly shopping bag’. What’s more, an ‘Osaru No Monkichi Instagram-Style Instant Photo Zone’ has been set up for shoppers to take selfies with this cheeky SANRIO monkey!

For event details, please visit Linkhk.com

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