16 Jan 2019

“Link’s Super Shops Staff” Awarded at HK’s First Mall Campaign to Recognise Shop Staff and Improve Customer Experience

Link Asset Management Limited (“Link”) held the Awards Ceremony today for a total of 130, publicly-voted “Link Super Shops Staff” under the ”LIKE Link’s Shops Staff” campaign, which is a first for Hong Kong. In attendance were shop representatives from retail, F&B, education, healthcare, and other service sectors, as well as campaign ambassador Carlos Chan, who played the role of a Link Super Shop Staff in the campaign’s television ad. This campaign is the first employee appreciation event organized by shopping centres in Hong Kong, which utilises Link’s mobile app, “Park & Dine” as the voting platform for members of the public to “LIKE” their favorite shop staff. The campaign also helps to improve overall customer experience and strengthen ties between retail businesses and their employees.

The ”LIKE Link’s Shops Staff” campaign, which ran from 3 December 2018 to 6 January 2019, comprised of two parts: shop employee registration and public voting. Both parts saw high levels of participation; over 1,500 Link shops staff registered with the support of over 300 tenants, and more than 86,000 votes were cast by the public. There were six prize categories, with more than 100 cash prizes awarded.

Public voting boosts shops staff morale and motivation to provide better service

The Top 10 Shop Staff that received the most votes each were awarded a cash prize of HK$10,000. They work at seven tenants – UNY, BreadTalk, Green River Restaurant, Idea Digital, Mastery Education Centre, McDonald’s, and Daniel’s Restaurant. The awardees work in a wide range of service areas including customer service, sales, tutoring, and others. All agreed that the ”LIKE Link’s Shops Staff” campaign gave them an opportunity to be recognized for their outstanding service, which in turn motivates them to work harder at providing customers with an exceptional shopping experience. Management from the award-winning tenants also expressed that the campaign helped to boost team spirit and strengthen relationship between shops staff and customers.

Commenting after the awards presentation, Link’s Chief Strategy Officer Mr. Eric Yau said, “Link has always valued employee training and development. We understand the importance of recognizing employees’ contributions and have established several employee awards to reward those who deliver exceptional service. Through this campaign, we hope to promote this culture of employee appreciation among our tenants and we aim to organize more events in future. By sharing our operational strategies with our tenants, we hope to grow our businesses together.”

Hilda Wong, Link’s Head of Customer Experience Management added, “LIKE Link’s Shops Staff campaign is the first employee appreciation event organised by shopping centres in Hong Kong. In our research of shopping centres’ customer experience journey, we learn that tenants’ frontline staff is a very important touchpoint. Their level of customer service directly impacts customers’ shopping experience, and hence, we came up with this campaign for customers to show appreciation to outstanding shops staff so that they can be motivated to constantly improve service delivery. We are extremely grateful to our tenants, shops staff, and members of the public for supporting this campaign. Link’s “Park & Dine” App, which aims to be everyone’s handy companion in shopping and daily life, will continue to roll out even more measures and functions to strengthen the connection between customers and Link’s nearly 10,000 tenants in our shopping centres throughout Hong Kong.”

Gold Prizes Winner in “LIKE Link’s Shops Staff” campaign each awarded HK$10,000

The ”LIKE Link’s Shops Staff” campaign has six award categories, with a total of more than HK$300,000 worth of prizes awarded.

Employee Awards

Award Category


Conditions of Award

Most Liked – Gold Prize

HK$10,000 cash prize

Receive the most “Likes” during the voting period (Top 10 ranked)

Most Liked – Silver Prize

HK$3,000 cash prize

Receive the most “Likes” during the voting period (Top 11-30 ranked)

Most Liked – Bronze Prize

HK$1,000 cash prize

Receive the most “Likes during the voting period (Top 31-130 ranked)

Super Shop Staff Award

Certificate of Appreciation

All participants who receive 100 or more “Likes during the voting period

Tenant Awards

Award Category


Conditions of Award

Most Liked Shop Grand Prize


Tenants with staff winning the Most Liked – Gold Prize

Super Shop

Certificate of Appreciation

Shops with 80% of staff participating

Complete list of winners: https://www.linkhk.com/en/promotion/272?ppt=1

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