29 May 2019

Link’s Temple Mall Presents “Love at First Scene” at Hong Kong’s First In-Mall “Green-Screen Studio”

Located just a stone’s throw from Hong Kong’s iconic tourist attraction Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple, Temple Mall is a go-to destination for local and overseas visitors alike. Now there is even more reason to visit, with the kick-off of the mall’s “Love at First Scene” campaign, which features Hong Kong’s first in-mall “Green-Screen Studio” at the ‘Blessing Pavilion’. Here, customers can play the lead roles in 15 famous love scenes, and even recreate silver-screen magic! The experience is completed with a snapshot at the “Romantic Moments” photo zone, offering an occasion for customers to have their love stories memorialised in photos. The mall also provides a 3-metre-tall neon selfie wall and six other Insta-worthy spots for customers to confess their love in a creative way.

15 Famous Scenes Come to Life
The “Romantic Scenes @ Blessing Pavilion” Green-Screen Studio brings 15 scenes to vivid life. Customers who spend a designated amount may borrow costumes to re-enact those scenes. Whether striking a pose in the “I’m flying” scene on the ship’s bow, pledging their eternal love in an imperial palace of China, or even the moon landing scene specially for families, their show-stopping performances will be captured and printed onto postcards alongside famous quotes. Customers can also visit the “Romantic Moments” photo zone on-site to have their romantic loving moments captured under a heart-shaped “time-stopping” clock.

Declare Your Love at a 3-Metre-Tall Neon Selfie Wall and 6 Insta-Worthy Spots
Meanwhile, lovers can declare their love for one another with Insta-worthy romantic snapshots in front of a 3-metre-tall by 7-metre-wide neon selfie wall with a colossal neon heart at the centre, flanked by love quotes like “you are my bliss” and “parade our love to the world” and symbols like hand hearts, engagement rings and roses. There are six similar romantic selfie walls in different corners of the mall, with pose and shooting angle suggestions for enviable images.

Terms and conditions apply to the above activities. Link’s Temple Mall reserves the right to amend the contents without further notice.

For event details, please visit Linkhk.com.

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