13 Sep 2015

Link sets World Record on Grandparents Day

To encourage better communications between grandparents and grandchildren and to celebrate International Grandparents Day, Link hosted its own ‘Grandparents Day @ Tin Shui Shopping Centre’ event on 12-13 September as part of Link’s Cheers Express. Eli Bishop, Guinness World Record holder for the mosts claps in a minute (1,020 claps) was invited to pay his first visit to Hong Kong and lead 50 groups of three-generation families for a record-setting mass clap dance today (13 September). Link aimed to bridge the generation gap through the performance by encouraging more conversations and interaction between grandparents and grandchildren and, at the same time, promote a healthier lifestyle with more physical exercise. 

Promoting the clap dance as a habit to bridge generation gaps and promote healthy lifestyle
The mass clap dance, which combines clapping with simple dance steps, can be easily learnt and performed by the elderly and kids. It is an ideal exercise for grandparents and grandchildren to practice together. BC Lo, Director (Corporate Communications & External Relations) of Link, said, “It was great to see the happy faces and dynamic interaction between the grandparents and grandchildren. The audience could feel the energy and enthusiaism during the performance. We hope that this dance creates an enduring shared conversation between grandparents and grandchildren and helps them get closer to each other.”

During the event, the Guinness World Recorder holder, Eli Bishop, challenged himself in repeating his record-holding claps in front of the audience. He believes that clapping, as a gesture of greeting, appreciation and  happiness, is a simple but effective way to bring joy and promote a positive attitude in life. 

Cheers Express continues in Stanley Plaza and Kai Tin Shopping Centre
Link’s Cheers Express will continue its journey to Stanley Plaza and Kai Tin Shopping Centre over the weekend, 12-13 September, as its final destinations. The genuine ‘God of Cookery’, Master Tai Lung and the chef trio, Nick, Kenji and Chi have designed a series of scrumptious delights as part of the celebrations based on the themes of ‘Wife Appreciation Day’ and ‘Friendship Day’ respectively. Participants who make a charity donation of HK$20 or more at the event will receive a free serving by one of the celebrity chefs. All proceeds will be donated to HOPE worldwide (Hong Kong) to provide continuous and efficient education and medical services to people in need.

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