15 Sep 2012

Link Supports International Coastal Cleanup 2012 Hong Kong

As a company that places special focus on environment protection, The Link supported International Coastal Cleanup 2012 Hong Kong organised by the Green Council this year at an opening ceremony held on 15 September 2012. During a ceremony held at Stanley Plaza, The Link also called on Hong Kong citizens to participate in this meaningful activity. It is hoping that it can raise the public awareness on the protection of ocean through this event. 
Together We Join Hands in Participating in the International Green Event
International Coastal Cleanup was first initiated by Ocean Conservancy in 1986.  Over the past 26 years, it has been encouraging citizens around the world to remove trash and debris from beaches and waterways, identify the source of debris, and change the behavioural patterns that contribute to pollution. 
At the ceremony, Ms Linda Ho, Chief Executive Officer of the Green Council, Ms Amy Yuen, Assistant Director (Water Policy) of the Environmental Protection Department, and Professor Ho Kin Chung of the Open University's Academy of Science and Technology discussed the seriousness of ocean pollution today. They also displayed debris extracted from the ocean to demonstrate the serious impact of pollution on the marine ecology.  In addition, a certificate presentation ceremony was held to recognise the contributions of all volunteers who spent their time and effort to support the protection of ocean.
The Link Brings Green Concepts to its Shopping Malls 
Ms Hilda Wong, Head of Marketing, The Link Management Limited, said, “The Link has continuously and actively driven sustainable growth and has endeavoured to raise public awareness of environmental protection. On a non-regular basis, we organise recycling events at our shopping malls and adopt different energy saving measures in order to promote the concept of environmental protection to the community.  Together with the general public, The Link’s participation in the International Coastal Cleanup 2012 Hong Kong is part of the ongoing effort we make to protect the environment.”  Ms Wong added that Stanley plaza also supports protection of the environment by incorporating a range of eco-friendly designs that reduce energy use and waste in its buildings. In March this year, Stanley Plaza was the first mall in The Link’s portfolio to achieve the Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method ("BEAM") Platinum Standard.

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