19 Feb 2014

Link Together Initiatives 2014/15 Now Open for Applications

The Link Together Initiatives (“The Initiatives”), a charity and community programme of The Link REIT (“The Link”), is open for applications from eligible charitable organisations from today until 21 March 2014 (Friday).

This year, The Initiatives will introduce two funding categories: the 1) Service Fund and 2) Innovation Fund. The Service Fund aims to fill service gaps by sponsoring distinctive community projects with unique service concepts, and the Innovation Fund encourages charitable organisations/social enterprises to implement innovative social service projects.

Potential applications for the Innovation Fund include seed funding for social enterprises, the development of new service models or the introduction of social service models that have been successfully implemented overseas. The total amount of support offered by the Innovation Fund shall constitute no more than 10% of the total funds.

Two briefing sessions – one on Elderly Services and another on Children & Youth Services – will be organised on 27 February 2014 (Thursday). In addition, focus groups will be held after each briefing session during which interested organisations can discuss project ideas and solicit feedback from representatives of The Initiatives. Interested organisations should fill in and return the reply slip on or before 25 February 2014 (Tuesday).

Last year, The Initiatives received overwhelming responses from the social service sector, with nearly 150 eligibility applications received. After careful consideration by The Initiatives’ Selection Committee and WiseGiving, a subsidiary of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, 10 outstanding community projects were awarded, sharing a donation of HK$10.42 million. The 10 awarded community projects provide services to seniors, children and youth in 14 districts of Hong Kong during 2013/14, with the targeted number of beneficiaries totalling approximately 100,000 people.

Established in January 2013, The Initiatives aims at advancing sustainable development in the communities that The Link serves and furthering The Link’s vision of serving and improving the lives of the people around us. The programme focuses on two key areas: 1) the well-being of the elderly and 2) the education, training and development of children and youth. The Link contributes an amount up to 0.25% of its net property income of the previous financial year to the Link Together Initiatives. Each awarded organisation will be granted a maximum budget of not more than 30% of the total funds.

For application and briefing session enrolment details, please visit

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