02 Jun 2016

Link unveils Hong Kong’s first ‘HK Toy Science Museum’

To promote the diversified development of our young people, Link has created a brand new HK Toys Science Museum at Lok Fu Plaza. This is the first museum in Hong Kong shopping malls that combines the elements of ‘Toy’ and ‘Science’, to nurture the creative thinking of the new generation. Through ‘Edutainment’, a new mode of education in the 21st century, Link inspires young people’s creative and scientific thinking through games and learning outside classroom.
HK Toy Science Museum showcases five exciting interactive sections, including Physics Zone, Optical Illusions Zone, Science Experience Zone, Riddle Zone and Collectible Toys Gallery.  All exhibits are interactive and include illustrative examples from daily life to explain the scientific principles behind the toys.
The museum encourages parents and children to put down their electronic devices to observe the things around us as well as to rediscover the joy of playing toys, which helps enhance parent-child relationship and contribute positively to child development.
Admission to the museum is free. During the summer holidays, guided tours on the exhibits as well as free DIY optical illusion souvenirs will be provided (available on first-come, first-served basis while stock lasts).
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