08 Dec 2013

Link x Tesla Technology Drives Exhibition to Promote Environmental Responsibility

Through its corporate culture, The Link Management Limited ("The Link") embeds a culture of sustainability across all business units and in its daily operations. In line with this mission, The Link has partnered for the first time with Tesla Motors, the famous electric vehicle manufacturer from the United States, to organise The Link x Tesla Technology Drives, a technology exhibition held at Stanley Plaza from 8 to 28 December. The exhibition demonstrates how present day technologies help in supporting the continuous growth and development of the world.

“The Link x Tesla Technology Drives Exhibition” kick-off ceremony was held yesterday (December 7). A line-up of Tesla Roadsters paraded directly to The Link’s Stanley Plaza. The kick off ceremony was honoured to be chaired by Nicholas Sallnow-Smith, Chairman of The Link, George Hongchoy, Chief Executive Officer of The Link and Andy Cheung, Chief Financial Officer of The Link as well as representatives from Tesla Motors. Socialities in town were also invited, making the ceremony a great gala. The ceremony was heated up by  the renowned Taiwan light dance crew “Light Fantasy™”, which blended LED optics with a unique dance – as one of the highlight of this fascinating technology exhibition.

During the kick-off ceremony Nicholas Sallnow-Smith, Chairman of The Link, said, “At The Link, we believe that sustainability is good for our customers and therefore good for our business. Looking ahead, we will continue to work at ensuring sustainability is integrated throughout our business. It is our great pleasure to be able to partner with Tesla Motors to host ‘The Link x Tesla Technology Drives Exhibition’ to publicly promote how modern technology can support sustainability, as well as raising public awareness of low carbon living.”

Innovative technology exhibition promotes sustainability

Through the use of interactive kiosks and live demonstrations, The Link x Tesla Technology Drives Exhibition will showcase three technologies commonly seen in our daily lives: solar energy, a reliable and renewable source of energy; nanotechnology, which allows for more efficient use of existing energy resources and reduces energy consumption during the process of generation; and 3D printing technology, which helps reduce and minimise waste during the manufacturing process. In addition, Zero Carbon Building, the first zero carbon project in Hong Kong, will display state-of-the-art eco-building design and technologies used by the construction industry to enhance the public’s understanding of the contribution of technologies to sustainable living. During the exhibition, visitors can participate in an interactive Zero Carbon Mission game, which will enable them to gain a better understanding of various common carbon reduction methods. The first 100 participants who achieve the highest scores in a single game will receive a limited edition solar charger.

The Premium Tesla Model S arrives at Stanley Plaza

Although the famous five-seat premium Tesla Model S electric sedan is not scheduled to make its Hong Kong debut until early 2014, a display model will be exhibited at Stanley Plaza during the exhibition. In addition to a stylish body, its chassis will also be displayed, allowing a complete look at the unique battery technology of the Model S.

Tesla Motors continues to improve its technology with the continual aim of creating a full range of increasingly affordable electric cars. The zero emission Model S is simple to use, quick to charge, and can travel at high speeds while meeting high safety standards. Test drives will be available during the exhibition period so visitors can experience the fun of eco-driving in Stanley.

For details the exhibition, please refer to the attached program details.

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