10 May 2016

Link's Fresh Markets Promote ‘Eat & Play’ Lifestyle Concept

Link’s fresh markets continue to promote healthy living and diets. Starting from May, the brand new series of “Dynamic Duo: Eat & Play” cooking demonstration and workshop will be launched at designated markets. For the first phase of the promotion, celebrity Chef Paul Wong, a Master Chef-level graduate from the Chinese Culinary Institute and Executive Chef and Managing Director of Cloudland Chinese Cuisine, as well as Jenny Yeung, registered Chinese medicine practitioner, were invited to join hands in designing healthy dishes and fitness workshops for our shoppers, which seek to enhance their fresh market shopping experience.
Beauty & Fitness Workshop
Starting from 14 May to 23 July, Link’s Market Service Ambassadors will host live cooking demonstrations for six healthy dishes and the beauty ambassadors will demonstrate fitness exercises on alternate Saturdays. Shoppers may learn and pick up recipes and taste food for free. This is the first time Chef Wong has collaborated with Link and designed a series of refreshing summer healthy dishes. Each dish offers a unique flavour with high nutrition levels, while ingredients can be easily purchased at the fresh markets. Meanwhile, it is the second time Link has collaborated with Dr. Yeung to feature a set of exercises she developed that combine meridian channel knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and anatomical aerobics. These exercises are designed to strengthen the chest muscles, improve the waist lines, beautify the arms, and offer many more benefits!
Link Fresh Market Service Ambassador Training Programme
Link has hired local residents as ambassadors to offer assistance and cooking tips to shoppers. Since 2015, the skills development programme has been established to further raise the professional standards of the fresh market. Under the programme, celebrity chefs will share their cooking skills with external experts to offer trainings in customer service as well as self-grooming and communications skills. For details, please refer to promotion boards at the markets or visit Link’s Customer Website: Linkhk.com








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