02 Oct 2022

Lok Fu Place Presents “Holiday Farm” to Promote a Green Lifestyle

  • Lok Fu Place’s 10,000+ square feet of leisure spaces promote green healthy living under the “placemaking” banner
  • One-of-a-kind mobile playground designed by Playright Children’s Play Association promotes the importance of playtime
  • Free access to new emerging sports in October and an art jamming event with 100 people in November


Link leverages the concept of placemaking to promote community diversity by making the most of the outdoor space of its malls. Spurred by its commitment to an active lifestyle, Lok Fu Place is the go-to destination for sports enthusiasts. Its outdoor leisure spaces, which together span more than 10,000 square feet, include Zone A, which is equipped with a “mountain” as well as Zone B, which integrates sports culture into the community to provide a new base for sports activities. In addition, Lo Fu Place will organise green living activities in its 3,000-square-foot Urban Farm. The mall will continue to promote green and healthy living in the community through a series of thematic campaigns, including the upcoming “Holiday Farm” campaign from October to December 2022.

Gary Fok, Link Managing Director (HK Leasing), said at the “Holiday Farm” opening ceremony, “Link strives to consolidate its role in placemaking and connecting all stakeholders in the community. With this people-centric stance in mind, we design public spaces that promote interactions, bringing the character of the neighbourhood to life and reinvigorating our properties into places for community engagement. All of these outcomes add up to a strong sense of community.”

Promoting the Importance of Playtime with Playright Children’s Play Association

At the ceremony, Link also announced its partnership with charity organisation Playright Children’s Play Association, whose PlayMobile S3 has been installed at Lok Fu Place’s outdoor leisure spaces to transform it on designated dates into a one-of-a-kind mobile playground for a play experience without bounds.

Dr Victor Koong Hing-yeung, Co-Vice Chairperson of Playright Children’s Play Association, said, “We are thrilled to work with Link to achieve our shared vision of building a society that respects, protects and facilitates children’s right to play. The vast space of Lok Fu Place is perfect for us to conjure a learn-through-play experience without constraints, and to facilitate children’s holistic development.”

Fun-drenched Activities from October to December for the Active and Not-so-active

People from all age groups can have fun with the fabulous roster of new sports presented at the outdoor leisure spaces of Lok Fu Place, which also hosts large-scale cultural events to engage the public in arts and cultural exchange. To kick off the fabulous line-up of campaign programmes from October to December, members of the Hong Kong Dodgeball Team joined Link Managing Director (HK Leasing) Gary Fok; Riley, son of the TV celebrity Snow Suen; and others in a test of tactics and teamwork at the 4-on-4 “Active Dodgeball Face Off” on the “mountain” in Zone A.

Visitors can also learn more about “slacklining”, a new sport from Germany that focuses on developing a sense of balance, motor coordination, concentration and, above all, a problem-solving mindset that contributes to holistic growth.

Lok Fu Place is also supporting the thriving local art scene by co-organising an art jamming event for 100 participants in November with 10 Hong Kong artists. The sale of the co-created artworks will go to charity in support of the children’s development. At the opening ceremony, local illustrators Pei Chung and Pen So unleashed their creativity in an art jamming demonstration to demonstrate the social value of art and artistic dialogue.

For more details about the event, please visit Linkhk.com.

Download Photos: https://bit.ly/3CpSqbo



About Link

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About Playright Children’s Play Association

Playright Children’s Play Association (Playright) is a charity founded by Mrs Anne Marden and other co-founders in 1987 in Hong Kong. Rooted in Hong Kong for several decades, Playright has all along pursued the mission of advocating children’s play because we “Value Children, Value Play.”

Playright hopes to create free play for each and every child during their growth, and equip adults with knowledge about children’s play to satisfy every child’s needs for play through the following work: arranging play services, conducting assessment of play needs, organising play activities, creating play resources, operating play spaces, developing professional training on play, launching new play projects, providing safety assessment and consultancy services in play environments, promoting the development of local inclusive play spaces, promoting child participation, conducting research and surveys, as well as promotion and advocacy work.

In 2019–20, the number of beneficiaries receiving services from Playright reached 229,630, and the number of beneficiaries receiving training from Playright was 10,179. Playright beneficiaries include children, parents, teachers, community partners, and professionals from the medical and design fields.


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