11 Sep 2017

Lok Fu Place Presents “The Ghost Ship” Adventure

Behold “The Ghost Ship”, the one and only free Halloween event that features an environmental conservation concept! Organised by Lok Fu Place, the campaign invites visitors to raid a submerged illegal fishing vessel to search out valuable resources to save the human race. In its first collaboration with The Nature Conservancy, the event also offers games revolving around environmental conservation to raise awareness and stimulate a love for the earth in the community.
Join the search squad to explore the haunted shipwreck
The perilous journey starts at the “Hall of No Return”. Corpses are hung overhead in the “Chamber of Massacre”, while the voracious dead lurk beneath a near-collapsing drawbridge, and hostile spirits linger in a stinking maze of nets with decaying remains dangling by. To seek out the dwindling resources for human survival, squad members must tread the water with extreme caution!

Join the armed tactical squad in the family-friendly afternoon session
Team up with family and friends to annihilate threats to the environment with laser guns in a blitzkrieg in the newly introduced afternoon session. This takes place from 1pm to 4pm every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. Successful challengers can also participate in the Eco-savvy Carnival games to learn more about environmental conservation.

“The Ghost Ship” by Lok Fu Place is open to the public for free admission. To take excitement up another level, customers with a designated spending amount at Lok Fu Place can present the original receipts (issued by different merchants in the mall within one week) to staff at the Fast Pass Redemption Area to redeem e-Fast Passes through the Park and Dine App according to the following table:
Spending Amount Maximum quantity of receipts Quantity of Fast Passes Redeemable
HK$300 or above 2 2
HK$500 or above 3 4


Terms and conditions apply to the campaign. Details are subject to change without prior notice.
For more details, please visit Linkhk.com.



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