18 Mar 2021

Lok Fu Place Presents ‘Urban Retreat Green Sports Day’
Try Out Eight Trending Sports for Free in a 30,000-Square-Foot

  • Lok Fu Place features three sports zones in a large outdoor space
  • Free sports venue and equipment rentals for a hands-on experience in eight trending sports
  • Take part in ‘Urban Retreat Green Sports Day’, featuring world-class competitions and professional training guidance

Lok Fu Place – a one-stop shopping, dining and entertainment hub in Kowloon with a new merchant line-up to offer wider lifestyle options – has stepped up its green living initiatives with a series of sports campaigns to enhance the wellness of the public. The mall’s outdoor space, located next to the newly opened 3,000-square-foot outdoor urban farm, is now accessible to the public, offering a free sports venue and equipment rentals in a bid to tune up the community with trending sports activities.

Spanning 30,000 square feet, the outdoor space is divided into three sports zones – a turf zone, a ball game zone and a playing field. Thanks to the free sports venue and equipment rentals, visitors can sweat it out in eight trending sports activities from the US, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong – namely Mölkky, Kubb, Bocce, Taspony, Pickleball, Ring Tennis, Floor Curling and Cornhole. Even rookies will love these versatile games that are more strategic than physical, and require teamwork rather than pure strength – healthy pastimes perfect for gatherings with friends or family.

Be a Pro under Professional Guidance during Lok Fu Place’s ‘Green Sports Day’

Lok Fu Place will be hosting the ‘Urban Retreat Green Sports Day’ on weekends and public holidays from 20 March to 25 April, during which visitors can gain hands-on experience of each of the featured sports under professional guidance. Check out the schedule of friendly matches, where professional teams will lock horns to amp up the electrifying vibe. Spend $600 or more at the mall using an electronic payment method and receive an early-bird registration for the ‘Urban Retreat Green Sports Day’, ‘Urban Farm Tour’ and ‘Painted Pottery Workshop’, where you can indulge in a day of healthy, sustainable living with friends and family and learn new green living tips after working up a sweat.

Terms and conditions apply. The programme is subject to change without prior notice.

For more details about the event, please visit Linkhk.com.

Photo Downloads: http://bit.ly/3qvKCfa

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