15 Sep 2015

Lok Fu Plaza presents the Halloween Horror Tunnel

Everyone has his or her own hidden fears – darkness, claustrophobia, ghosts, blood and gore, or just something in the corner of your eye that gives you goose bumps. What makes YOU shiver and run for your life? 

Test your limits this Halloween at Link’s Lok Fu Plaza Horror Tunnel, the first haunted house transformed from cargo containers that beckons you to the dark side!
Since 2011, Link has presented the only free haunted house themed event in Hong Kong during the Halloween period. With the 5th anniversary of our Halloween spectacular launched at Link’s Lok Fu Plaza this year, a different kind of creative and scary experience awaits you. For the first time, a chain of cargo containers over 70 metres long is transformed into different themed chambers recreating scenes from popular horror films. Each chamber places visitors in environments such as a dark forest or a hallucinatory space that challenge the five senses as well as one’s nerves and thinking skills. In addition to this tunnel of fear, the Horror Carnival features Halloween game and snack booths in addition to special limited merchant offers at Link’s Lok Fu Plaza.
Weird Creatures in the Junkyard and the Crazy Scientist Laboratory
In the tunnel, brave challengers wind their way through the Deserted Junkyard, Dark Forest, Swirling Vortex, Crazy Scientist Laboratory, Hermetic Chamber and the Puzzle Cube. Watch out for becoming the subject of a weird science experiment or, find yourself the victim of an unseen predator! With creative visual effects, special lighting and surround sound, you are on the edge the whole time.
At the Horror Carnival, join the fun and challenges.  Test your skills at the Frenzied Saw and the Skin and Bones game booths! Afterwards, reward yourself with free popcorn topped with ‘cockroaches’ at the Vermin snack booth. Special Horror Photo Corners are also located at other designated Link shopping malls for you to capture that Halloween ‘fear moment’ with friends and family.
Fast Pass Package to the Horror Tunnel
The Horror Tunnel is open to the public and admission is free. Visitors can redeem the Horror Package for two Horror Tunnel fast passes, two Horror Carnival game booth tickets and a special Brave Headband for free by spending HK$400 or above at one of the Link’s designated shopping malls and markets (a quota of 8,000 packages applies, while stock lasts) or, redeem two Horror Carnival game booth tickets by spending HK$200 or above at Link’s Lok Fu Plaza and Lok Fu Market (a quota of 5,000 tickets applies, while stock lasts).


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