02 Jun 2012

Marathon autograph session attracts thousands to Lok Fu Plaza

The Link’s final celebratory event of Lok Fu Plaza’s first anniversary was successfully held on 2 June 2012. Featuring Asia’s very own dancing king Show Luo, the mini-concert-cum-autograph event was Luo’s premiere Hong Kong public engagement event for his latest collectible album “Good Show”. The event attracted thousands of fans, including some from the Mainland and Taiwan. Excitement and sounds of cheers were at all-time high at Lok Fu Plaza.  To catch a glimpse of their idol, enthusiastic fans had queued up the night before, singing and chanting during their wait.
Show Luo interacted and mingled with fans to show his love
To reward the thousands of fans at Lok Fu Plaza, Show Luo sang his new hit number “Happiness” from his new album “Feel the Love” as soon as he took the stage. Fans were ecstatic over the first few notes. 
What excited the audience even more was a Show Luo look-alike dancing contest, in which fans dressed up to mimic the Asia dancing king’s “warrior look”. Their amazing performances were highly praised by the idol himself.  As a token of gratitude for his fans’ support, Show Luo did not spare his charm, giving away hugs and charismatic gazes in the games session. Overwhelmed by Luo’s friendly gestures, fans screamed and cheered even louder in return!
Giant sculpted album unveiled at event kick-off
As a gift to Lok Fu Plaza, a giant sculpted album was presented to Miss Hilda Wong, Head of Marketing of The Link by Show Luo.  He also signed his autograph on the giant sculpted album to kick-off the programme. After the song-and-dance session came to an end, Show Luo went into the crowd to take a group photo, creating yet another stir amongst fans. 
As he has been doing in all his public engagements, Show Luo gave away his autographs to every fan waiting in the queue, marking a perfect conclusion to the event.
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