20 Oct 2011

Media statement on installation of Portable Octopus Processors at Tai Yuen Market

In reference to some recent media reports and articles posted in social media concerning the launch of Octopus payment facility at Tai Yuen Market, The Link Management Limited (“The Link”) hereby makes a clarification:
The Link is keeping up with the general trend in electronic payments by installing Octopus payment facilities for shop operators at Tai Yuen Market. The facilities will provide more payment choices for customers, promote the use of fewer coins, allow for more hygienic transactions, enhance the competitiveness of traditional fresh markets, and offer customers a better shopping experience .
We are collaborating with Octopus Cards Limited (OCL) to install the hardware and software for interested shop tenants of Tai Yuen Market.  User training will also be provided to ensure that the tenants can adapt and make effective use of the electronic payment model as soon as possible. The Link consulted all shop tenants earlier regarding the installation of Octopus facilities.
The system is still under testing and commissioning, therefore the implementation details will be announced to the public at a later date.  Upon completion of testing and the official launch of the service, The Link will organise a series of promotional activities to encourage customers to use their Octopus cards when shopping.  Most shop operators expressed satisfaction about the Octopus payment facilities during the testing stage and said they expect that upcoming promotional offers will encourage this new way of spending to a wider population.
The Link has been upholding the principles of equality, transparency and mutual benefit by consulting all shop tenants about the arrangement and not forcing them to adopt the system.
Regarding the request to keep all goods within shop areas, this is a routine and usual duty of market management staff for ensuring a barrier-free and hygienic shopping environment.  All shop tenants must abide by this regulation, which has been well supported by customers.
The aim of distributing free aprons to all shop tenants is to highlight the Tai Yuen Market name and give customers a favourable impression.  However, wearing the aprons is not a requirement for tenants, who can decide whether to wear them based on trade conditions.
In addition, The Link has been assisting shop tenants to improve their shop-front designs so that they can provide a more convenient shopping environment.  This includes promoting the use of 5S Management and inviting experts to demonstrate how goods can be better displayed, while enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their inventory control.  Shop tenants are not required to undertake shop renovations for this purpose.
We regret to see the erroneous media reports about our installation of Octopus payment facilities at Tai Yuen Market.  We expect that the new facilities will bring in more customers, and we will also continue to enhance the facilities and services of Tai Yuen Market to make the traditional fresh market more vibrant.
For any views or enquiries, shop tenants are welcome to contact our property management team.
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