27 Aug 2013

Metro x The Link “Kids’ Voice 2013” Singing Contest Finale Held at Lok Fu Plaza

The Link is dedicated to promoting arts and culture in the community by regularly organising different types of cultural events and encouraging public participation. To this end, The Link and Metro Radio jointly organised the “Kids’ Voice 2013” Singing Contest this summer, which was designed to help children realise their musical potential, improve their singing technique and self-expression, and enhance their all-round development so as to nurture them as the “voices” of tomorrow.

100 finalists compete for the championship

The finale of the Metro X The Link “Kids’ Voice 2013” Singing Contest was held on 25 August 2013 at The Link Lok Fu Plaza, where 100 finalists gathered to compete for prizes. In addition to the kids’ parents, the organiser invited several well-known singers, including Kellyjackie, Adason Lo, Sherman Chung, Regen Cheung, J. Arie, Rainky Wai, Vivien Chan, Alex Hung, Khloe Chu and Vangie Tang, to support the finalists. After 8 hours of competition, the judge panel including Ms Dennie Wong, renowned local composer, arranger and producer, and Mr Siu Bo Chan, experienced music industry specialist selected the winners. The outstanding performances of all the finalists demonstrated their musical talent, winning applause and cheers from the audience. Finally, Arianna Lau, aged only 5, was declared the winner of the “Kids’ Voice 2013” Singing Contest by singing “I Will Always Love You”!

Training class and a series of competitions to explore the potential of the kids and upgrade their confidence

The Metro x The Link “Kids’ Voice 2013” Singing Contest attracted many kids from different districts throughout Hong Kong. Following an initial screening process that used demos or a live audition to whittle down candidates, 300 children were invited to join the free training classes held at Kai Tin Shopping Centre in July. There they learnt pronunciation, articulation, voice, rhythm and self-expression skills with a view to enhancing their talents and boosting their confidence. Through a series of competitions, including auditions and elimination with repechage, the 100 finalists entered the finale with first-rate voices and great confidence. Some of the participants chose to sing and play musical instruments together to combine their newfound skills and talents for better results. Winners were awarded cash prizes and also the chance to perform on Metro Radio and at festive programmes organised by The Link.

For details, please visit the following websites

Website of The Link:www.thelink.com.hk
Website of Metroradio: www.metroradio.com.hk/kidsvoice

Details of Metro X The Link “Kids’ Voice 2013”Singing Contest: 

Date Time Location
Live Audition 20 July 2013 2:00PM-5:00PM Sheung Tak Plaza
Training Class 27-28 July 2013 10:00AM-3:30PM Kai Tin Shopping
First Audition 3 August 2013 12:00NN-5:00PM Lei Yue Mun Plaza
First Audition 4 August 2013 12:00NN-5:00PM Chung Fu Plaza
Elimination Series 10 August 2013 12:00NN-3:00PM Cheung Fat Plaza
Elimination Series 11 August 2013  12:00NN-3:00PM Oi Tung Shopping Centre
Repechage 18 August 2013  12:00NN-2:30PM Wo Che Plaza
Finale 25 August 2013 10:30AM-7:00PM Lok Fu Plaza



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