16 Sep 2013

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration At Chung Fu Plaza

After completion of the Phase I Asset Enhancement project, the rejuvenated Chung Fu Plaza of The Link has brought in different types of new tenants. Together with an array of exciting events to be launched at Chung Fu Plaza, a diverse, leisure and new shopping experience will bring to local residents. On the evening of 19 September, The Link has organised exciting events to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival at Chung Fu Plaza for Tin Shui Wai residents. Adrian Chau Chi Man and Daniel Chau Chi Hong from “The Voice” as well as Lily Ho from “The Voice of the Stars” will appear to sing songs and celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival together with local residents. A variety of Hong Kong-style snacks, folk handicraft workshops, and game booths will be available as well. This Mid-Autumn Festival, Chung Fu Plaza is the perfect place to gather together with the whole family!

Chau twins and Lily to sing at Chung Fu Plaza during the evening of Mid-Autumn Festival
Adrian, Daniel and Lily will be singing a number of songs and playing games with the audience on the evening of Mid-Autumn Festival at Chung Fu Plaza. Other exciting, can’t-miss shows will include a hip-hop lion dance, funny chef sideshow, magic show, solo fancy yoyo show, and hula hoop performance.

Fun and food will be a memorable way to savour the traditional festival
In addition to the songs and shows, there will be a number of booths where customers can enjoy local snacks, play fun games and even make their own unique Mid-Autumn lanterns. These booths include:

Folk handicraft workshops: face painting, dough dolls, lantern making and fortune telling with a bird.

Hong Kong-style snacks: marshmallows, dragon beard candies, sticks of sugar-coated haws, glutinous rice dumplings and candy spring onion cakes.

Fun games: coin toss, ground ball contest and table football machine.

Customers with purchases of HK$100 or above at Chung Fu Plaza on the date of the Mid-Autumn Festival (19 September) can redeem admission tickets to the “Mid-Autumn Evening Gala” and “Booth Activities” upon presentation of a single printed receipt for that date (while stock lasts).  For more details about the activities, please refer to the attachment.

Rejuvenated Chung Fu Plaza connects Tin Shui Wai with surrounding communities
As the Phase I Asset Enhancement Initiative completed, the design and layout concept for the rejuvenated Chung Fu Plaza is based on water, which implies that Tin Shui Wai is closely connected with other housing estates in the vicinity. In the enhancement project, re-planning and re-layout were carried out at Chung Fu Plaza to bring in new tenant types to provide customers with more shopping options. Additional escalators were built between the first and second floors of the plaza to further improve the flow of people. The air-conditioning system was upgraded, and toilets were revamped and added to substantially enhance the shopping environment.
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