24 Jul 2014

Nearly 50 Community Art Programmes Presented at Link

The Link will continue the cooperation with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) during the second half of the year by supporting nearly 50 free performances and exhibitions for the benefit of the community.

“Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme – The Link Series” tours The Link’s shopping centres

As a community partner of the 2014 Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme, The Link offers suitable venues to accommodate various performances and exhibitions. In the second half of 2014, as many as 9 arts groups, including iStage, Theatre Noir Foundation, Pop Theatre, Pants Theatre Production, DanceArt Hong Kong, Hong Kong Puppet and Shadow Art Centre, Hong Kong Harmonica Association, Connie Ng’s Guzheng Ensemble and Hua Xia Chinese Music Association, will tour 9 of The Link’s shopping centres and present over 30 exhibitions and performances consisting of music, dance and theatre. The second half of 2014 will also include the finale performances of some Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme projects, which will involve participants drawn from the general public who will take part in programme design, rehearsals and performances under the guidance of professional actors.

Summer programmes bring fun to families

Families can enjoy their summer vacation together by taking in some of the incredible free shows organised and hosted by The Link at its shopping centres, including outreach programmes of the “International Art Carnival 2014”, a musical performance of  “Mozart and His Servant” by iStage and a musical performance of “The Wish of Tap Tap” by Rhythm &Tempo.

More fantastic programmes are coming

As a member of the community, The Link will keep making use of its venues to host different kinds of arts programmes, with the aim of building larger audiences and contributing to the sustainable development of local arts by offering more high quality performances to the community.

Please refer to the attachment for the schedule of upcoming performances.

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