13 Mar 2014

New Parking Programme Offers Discounts for People with Mobility Disabilities

In addition to introducing Hong Kong’s first-ever Car Park Tailgating Detection System (“CPTDS”) in its car parks last year, this year, The Link Management Limited (“The Link”) is debuting a new parking programme which provides drivers carrying physically disabled passengers with discounted parking when they use their pre-registered Octopus card to enter or leave the car park.

First Parking Programme to Provide Convenience to Drivers Carrying Physically Disabled Passengers

To cater to the needs of physically challenged people, The Link’s new parking programme provides a 60% discount on hourly parking fees to drivers carrying passengers with mobility disabilities. “Starting from March, The Link is rolling out its new parking programme to provide extra convenience to drivers carrying physically challenged passengers. The programme entitles these drivers to a 60% discount hourly parking offer when they use their pre-registered Octopus cards to enter or leave The Link’s car parks,” said Gordon Wu, Director of Property Management and Operations of The Link. 

Enhanced Security Measures Set Car Owners’ Minds at Ease

In order to further secure car parks in the interest of users, The Link will complete the installation of CPTDS at the exits of all its car parks by the end of 2014. Since installation of the system began, no tailgating-related vehicle theft has been recorded in The Link’s car parks. In addition, The Link has also installed motorcycle ground anchors at over 5,000 motorcycle parking spaces in its car parks. This allows owners to lock their motorcycles using security chains, reducing the risk of motorcycle theft.

Continuous Car Park Environment Enhancement

According to the 10-year plan set earlier in 2013, The Link will continue to improve the services and facilities at its car parks to provide car park users with a superior parking environment. These include the varnishing work at Lok Fu Car Park, Sheung Tak Car Park and Chung Fu Car Park, which each cost around HK$3 million. As of February 2014, The Link had refurbished over 6,500 car park spaces and repainted 130 security kiosks.

Note to editors: Previously, drivers carrying physically challenged passengers were requested to present a “Disabled Person’s Parking Permit” or “Parking Certificate for Drivers Who Carry People with Mobility Disabilities” to the car park staff to enjoy the parking offer.

(Please refer to Appendix 1 for detailed enhancement information)

Appendix 1
Car Park Facilities Enhancement Work at The Link Car Parks

Investment (HK$)
Update approximately 683 exit gates of all car parks
88 million
Update and enhance 4,500 CCTVs from analogue mode to digital video mode in car parks
15 million
Install 750 additional network CCTVs to a total of 5,250
12 million
Install T5 energy-saving fluorescent tubes in 170 car parks
31 million
Enhance the digital video mode of CCTVs to IP network CCTV standard in 62 car parks
13 million
Install Car Park Tailgating Detection Systems at 143 car parks
2.6 million
Refurbished over 6,500 car park spaces
23 million
In Progress
Install T5 fluorescent tubes for the remaining 8 car parks
1.2 million
Upgrade the digital CCTVs to IP network CCTV standard for the remaining 116 car parks
23 million
Install Car Park Tailgating Detection Systems at the remaining 35 car parks
0.6 million
Refurbish all car parks in 10 years starting from 2013
More than 400 million
Total Invested Amount
More than 600 million

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